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Designed To Support Free Testosterone And Estradiol Balance*

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jakeclks's Rating

I felt stronger and more energized in the mornings. My girlfriend can even tell the difference in my performance. She loves it so I really do to.

johnperlin's Rating

I have been taking this product along with a daily dose of Tribulus. At my last blood test my free testosterone jumped almost 2.5 points. So far this product has produced the best results for me.

deejaylegacy's Rating

Excellent test booster, I have tried several brands-high t, nugenix, P6--the value of this product can't be beat! True grit has helped my recovery and sleep cycles. If your older and need a high quality low cost product go with True Grit!

d928h694's Rating

I'm a 24 y.o. male to start, so I probably didn't need this but wanted to try it. I'd say about the only thing this really did for me was increase my strength maybe by 5-10% for most lifts. Would I take/buy it again? Probably not. Maybe later in a few years when my testosterone drops but not at this point. However, for the price, you might as well give it a shot if you are interested.

Amirjarahi's Rating

I can't believe how they can sell such a garbage product to people,it's just waste of money and it's a real scam

Dancarlos2006's Rating

Just started this yesterday. I am using it as a recovery from a cycle. it has been 2 weeks since my last dose. The first day was very good I took it at 8 am 2 pills. then 30 minutes before i worked out at 5:00. Remember this is a test booster. It isn't actual test. My first thought was i was very level all day. Kept my energy up. I wouldn't say it gave me more energy but i didn't miss a beat. Workout- i dont take anything thing for working out. Took it 30 min before the gym. I felt that i was able to stay engaged in my work out. It didn't make me want to kill the weights but it helped me stay focused and balanced. I do recommend this product to you only if you can understand that it isn't going to just make you feel like you can kick the worlds *** with it . It is to help free test in your body. You want to feel like that, take a shot of pre work out mixed with redbull. I am going to document my entire experience with this and send it to and Primavie

nikkotoots's Rating

Same effects as MuscleTech's Alpha Test. Been using one pill a day! Strength, performance, recovery, stamina, endurance and libido are all up. Gains are pretty solid too. Just like Alpha Test, I also experienced less DOMs when taking this product. The only difference that it has compared to Alpha Test is better effects on recovery. My sleep is slightly better with this due to the higher zinc content. I highly recommend this product.

reheneks's Rating

This is a sugar pill that makes your pee smell like curry. It did nothing for me and whatever changes these other guys are seeing is probably the placebo effect. I got it "buy one, get one 50% off" and it seems like it's always that way because they have to move it off the shelves somehow. DO NOT recommend!

BobbyZedd's Rating

Expectations? Where to begin? I bought this product because my testosterone was lower than normal. Not only did it boost it, I have been more active when it comes to my everyday workout. I feel a difference in performance.

SeriousAthlete's Rating

I've tried all the top test boosters without much success, until True Grit. I actually notice a different when I'm using this one. The weight just seems to move easier and I overall feel better

DWrangler's Rating

Took this at the same time as a weight gainer during my bulk. Unleashed powers I didn't know where inside me!!!!!!

Terrence321's Rating

Didn't really care for this product..

26298404's Rating

The price is reasonable, the effect is good, the recovery is quick, the sexual desire promotion, the big love

sastocky's Rating

I gave this product a shot and I can't say that I have ever found a Test Booster that I am 100% excited about. I feel like recovery is better after taking the Grit Booster. Give it a try...

dvsRaveR's Rating

good product. definetly will buy again

Cingel08's Rating

Top grade test booster, I've used this product for awhile now and see serious improvement while on it. The pill is not hard to swallow and also doesn't have a horrible taste.

necrologic's Rating

One of the better test boosters I've had! I actually did noice a change in my strength after a full bottle. It's very well priced too! Not overly expensive like some can be and usually has a sale going on. It's only 2 pills at a time which I find easy to take. They do smell and taste a little funny. But this isn't kool-aid bros. The only side effect I noticed was it made my sweet smell worse. Almost like the pill itself. Now this is actually a good thing. After doing research I found out that if you sweet more and it stinks it actually is an indicator of high test. I did not have this before the product. That might tell you something. Seems to work well

balfour13's Rating

I'm almost through a full bottle (3wks in). No changes at all. No extra energy or drive. Feel as if I wasted my money

Bonez46's Rating

First time taking a test booster, but I tell you what, extreme focus in the gym, even set a personal best in the squat. Was able to feel the power from the first dose

Bigmikef4120's Rating

I must say I am skeptical about testosterone boosters but I'm gold I tried these. Within the last week of taking them I could definitely feel a difference in energy, sex drive, strength. I must say it has worked very well for me and I recommend anyone try this looking for a testosterone booster.

1-20 of 407 Reviews