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DMcVean's Rating

You can try a free testosterone booster from

besho3's Rating

besho3 did not leave a written review for this product.

bendickey89's Rating

This product did it's job. I would recommend you purchasing it!

mccyjcb's Rating

Took a whole bottle of this and this is my review: my observations: 1. never had any issues swallowing the pills, and no weird coughing up of some powder or anything. 2. very easy to stick to the schedule, just keep them in the medicine cabinet 3. no increased libido 4. did notice a little extra stiffness, which I've experienced in the past with ErasePro or something similar, so maybe there was a little T boost or estrogen blocked. perhaps from the Boron. 5. no increased muscle mass, although I was cutting during the use of this. maintained ~95% of my strength and lost 3.5lbs, so maybe there is something to it. 6. not irritable or anything of those sorts Overall rating: 7/10 I may have noticed some slight estrogen blocking, which I would describe by the more stiffness / dryness that I seemed to fee, and if so, I think this could be attributed to the Boron or Zinc. But didn't really notice any of the other effects that are supposed to be attributed to higher testosterone / free testosterone.

JV121's Rating

Definitely did something, I was a lot more irritable after 2 bottles of this booster. No noticeable difference in workout routine. Would not buy again.

Raemcito's Rating

Excellent product. I like how it feels

EpicElectronics's Rating

I agree with dheck26, this product stand alone or with Glute and PWO, BCAA and still no gains after 45 days. My "libido" has actually gone know when you take something new you get excited thinking alright another good product to aid in my lifting and gains. NOT with this. Weak at best. Try at your own money risk.

dheck26's Rating

This might be helpful with a pre-workout, certainly not as a stand alone pwo. So there is your score of 4. I felt stronger while taking it with a pwo, and of course took it twice a day. But as for a test booster, it's not. Without going into detail, I have had blood work done on my test levels, and 75 days on this product (did the bogo free deal), no boost at all in test levels. I am sure all test boosters do not actually increase your test. They can't make a pill that can get past your stomach into your blood stream. So take this product for other things, but to actually increase your test, won't happpen. And that's for all products like this one. I just happened to recently try this product, but I have tried a lot of test boosters as well. They shouldn't be called test boosters.

Kkirsch1209's Rating

I am on week five of my heavy phase and along with this product I am also taking creatine and glutamine. I have noticed an increase in strength, however I am not sure if this is just a combination of all of these supplements.

connerman0223's Rating

connerman0223 did not leave a written review for this product.

yuseflabs's Rating

Not a bad product. Strength and endurance in my workouts went up. I actually went off pre-workout for a few weeks as I was trying this product and I felt like it helped me maintain that focus, strength and endurance. No other benefits felt that I noticed. I've gone through 1 bottle, following the directions. I'll continue to use through my second bottle and see what happens.

nikkotoots's Rating

ALMOST has the same effects as MuscleTech's Alpha Test. But slightly weaker. Been using one pill a day! Strength, performance, recovery, stamina, endurance and libido are all up. Gains are pretty solid too. A bit like Alpha Test, I also experienced less DOMs when taking this product. The only difference that it has compared to Alpha Test is better effects on recovery. My sleep is slightly better with this due to the higher zinc content. I recommend this product but will recommend ALPHA TEST more.

nrsoto2003's Rating

I took this product for a month as directed and I completely lost my appetite. I lost 25 lbs and when I stopped I gain all the weight back. It sounds insane but it's true. I'm not sure why I had no appetite on this product but I bought two bottles and I wasted my money. Very unfortunate given the good reviews. Guess everyone's body is different.

jakeclks's Rating

I felt stronger and more energized in the mornings. My girlfriend can even tell the difference in my performance. She loves it so I really do to.

johnperlin's Rating

I have been taking this product along with a daily dose of Tribulus. At my last blood test my free testosterone jumped almost 2.5 points. So far this product has produced the best results for me.

deejaylegacy's Rating

Excellent test booster, I have tried several brands-high t, nugenix, P6--the value of this product can't be beat! True grit has helped my recovery and sleep cycles. If your older and need a high quality low cost product go with True Grit!

d928h694's Rating

I'm a 24 y.o. male to start, so I probably didn't need this but wanted to try it. I'd say about the only thing this really did for me was increase my strength maybe by 5-10% for most lifts. Would I take/buy it again? Probably not. Maybe later in a few years when my testosterone drops but not at this point. However, for the price, you might as well give it a shot if you are interested.

Amirjarahi's Rating

I can't believe how they can sell such a garbage product to people,it's just waste of money and it's a real scam

Dancarlos2006's Rating

Just started this yesterday. I am using it as a recovery from a cycle. it has been 2 weeks since my last dose. The first day was very good I took it at 8 am 2 pills. then 30 minutes before i worked out at 5:00. Remember this is a test booster. It isn't actual test. My first thought was i was very level all day. Kept my energy up. I wouldn't say it gave me more energy but i didn't miss a beat. Workout- i dont take anything thing for working out. Took it 30 min before the gym. I felt that i was able to stay engaged in my work out. It didn't make me want to kill the weights but it helped me stay focused and balanced. I do recommend this product to you only if you can understand that it isn't going to just make you feel like you can kick the worlds *** with it . It is to help free test in your body. You want to feel like that, take a shot of pre work out mixed with redbull. I am going to document my entire experience with this and send it to and Primavie

reheneks's Rating

This is a sugar pill that makes your pee smell like curry. It did nothing for me and whatever changes these other guys are seeing is probably the placebo effect. I got it "buy one, get one 50% off" and it seems like it's always that way because they have to move it off the shelves somehow. DO NOT recommend!

1-20 of 418 Reviews