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Designed To Maximize Pumps, Increase Power And Improve Time-To-Fatigue*

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daveherr13's Rating

whenever i see a company provide transparency in their product formulations i am immediately impressed. this shows me they are proud of the product that theyre putting out on the market and the trust factor is instantly increased. True Grit PRE is definitely a product worthy of being proud of! everything is spot on here...taste (i got the Watermelon), mixability, formulation and effectiveness are all top notch. 2 servings produce awesome results and kickass training sessions. the only drawback here is at this dosage you only get 15 workouts from a 30 serving tub and at a price point of 35.00 could be a bit expensive for some. personally, id gladly pay the price for the great results and the peace of mind the transparency provides.

Sep 6, 2016 |