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AggressivePump's Rating

low price , great quality. This product gives me crazy pumps , thats a must if you are a pump addict. I also make a little bit more of gains with it

I'm not super happy with this product at the moment. I received it in the mail today and when I opened it the powder exploded from the top of the bottle. It was a huge powdery mess all over the floor, counter and worst of all, my face. It burned my eyes for a few minutes. Most powder supplements I purchase leave space between the powder and the top of the bottle, not this company. They had the powder packed in there to the very top. I was pretty frustrated because I hate that it got in my eyes and I can still feel it an hour later. It might have been a fluke thing but until they can get the simple packaging right, I won't be buying it again.

mormonpickett's Rating

Great product. A lot of pre workouts don't have the 6g of citrulline that is the scientific dose, so I usually add 1-2 scoops of this to my pre workout. Helps a lot when trying to get that muscle pump. The mixability is perfect too. No clumps, no grit. Can't even tell it's in my drink. And a bottle is 110 scoops so it last forever. Love this stuff.

Best product for the price that I have found. Great vascularity and pump, although you will need three scoops / servings to hit the recommended 6 gram dose. I notice it adds a lot of "tartness" to my pre-workout; not an issue if you use a flavor that hides it well.

Have citrulline in the correct ratio

This is a game-changing product delivering pumps, endurance and retained vascularity! I recommend it to everyone since it will provide the clinical dose (6g+) for pre-workouts and can also be taken with aminos intra-workout. The absorption matrix & vitamin c allow for almost immediate bioavailibility and is completely soluble. Thanks SD Pharmaceuticals for such amazingly powerful products!

lowroller21212's Rating

Awesome product for the pump freaks out there, I saw a definite improvement in my body combating fatigue and in my ability to pump out rep after rep after rep!! For 110 servings I would recommend few products out there that can be as trusted to actually improve gains during the gym, as SD Pharmaceuticals' Citrulline Malate 2000. The quality is great and the gains from use are even better, get this bottle today-you won't regret it.

emersonthacker's Rating

SD Pharmaceuticals Citrulline Malate 2000 is everything that you would expect out of a citrulline malate product and more. It also delivers AstraGin to help with absorption of the citrulline malate and also some vitamin C. I like the AstraGin addition, but wouldn't mind the vitamin C being left out! Ultimately, this product delivered amazing pumps, especially at the 3 and 4 scoop dose! Fortunately, the tub has 100 servings! This product is a solid 9/10!

Top notch Citruline product out there. Plenty of serving with excellent band for buck ratio. It isn't totally unflavored. It has a little sour taste. I personally love sour ,so this was a bonus. Added to my pre workout shake, improved it's taste significantly. I have been using 4 g as my pre already has around 2 grams. Results improved endurance during workout, as well as better recovery post workout and significantly less soreness. Did improve pump a little bit, however not as much as strictly pump related products, than again it wasn't what I was looking for. Can't really find anything to complain about. You get exactly what you pay for. Top quality as always from SD Pharmaceuticals!!

BrennaSexyLegs's Rating

I know that citrulline increases blood flow/pumps, and I know it's in pre workouts. But the "clinical dose" is about 6g, and almost no pre workouts have that much! So I would add 2-3 scoops of this to my pre and it made a HUGE difference! Great product if you're going for muscle pumps. I would "complain" to my husband that my muscles were hard to move when working out and He explained to me what was going on a little more. For me, muscle pumps feel super weird, but I like it. There is nothing else like it, and this product got me there. The bottle last a very long time and is pretty cheap.

krankphreak's Rating

I give this product a 10 on all scales. It is excellent to add to current pre workouts for an added pump, especially of they do not contain citrulline malate. This product is totally flavorless and mixes in with jut a couple swirls. Taken by itself to judge the product I was able to gain some massive pumps that lasted well after the gym was over. The rest of the times I mixed it in with my current pwo for an added boost. I absolutely love this stuff, it does what it claims, does it well and doesn't have any artificial garbage in it either. Highly recommend this to anyone looking to jack up their pre rituals and boost gym performance.

Works great, really feel the effects

alphaproject's Rating

Pure, Clean, and simple. Love stacking this with their Agmatine as I look pumped all the time now. Both work well together and the quality is great. Nice and fluffy. Solid 10/10.

After using a solid portion of my bottle of citrulline malate 2000 from SD Pharmaceuticals, I am enormously impressed with the pumps and vascularity it has helped me achieve in the gym. I add it to my pre-workouts or just Gatorade, hit the gym, and within seconds I am feeling like a pump monster!! I think what differentiates this product from other bulk citrulline malate powders is that it utilizes AstraGin and vitamin C. The vitamin C is going to also support NO signaling, and the AstraGin will improve the absorption of citrulline in the intestines. These additions make citrulline malate 2000 an elite citrulline product. When you double or triple scoop this product, you are asking for the pump of your life. All pump addicts need to check citrulline malate 2000 out!

This has easily been one of the best Citrulline Malate products I have ever tried. After taking SD's citrulline malate I've noticed better recovery, pumps, and less fatigue after my workout. It's been amazing! I would recommend this to any of my friends looking for a new citrulline malate product.

1-15 of 15 Reviews