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koconn19's Rating

I think this is a good product where as I did get a great sleep although I think the reason why is because of the melatonin which is a speed aid. I probably wouldn't get again only because It's not something I need all the time so I would rather just take an occasional melatonin. But it does say what its suppose to do!

abey15's Rating

I absolutely love this stuff. Slept like a frikin rock after taking it and woke up feeling refreshed! Very pleasant change from the restless nights I had been having!

Ark23's Rating

Am so thankful for Z-elite my problem been solved! I know we tear and break our muscle in gym And we Build and repair it during our sleep but that was my problem I cant sleep deeply and I wake up easily without Z elite 6 hours is my longest sleep but with Z elite wow is the right word 8 to 9 hrs and even at noon make me wanna take a power nap which I usually dont do and I Kinda Drink RSP Nutrition Whey with Z elite before sleep for helping rebuild my muscle

PRsteve's Rating

I have tried many different sleep supplements and this one is my favorite. I take 3 caps right before bed and it puts me right out. I sleep through the night and wake up feeling rested. Other products I have tried give you that lag feeling in the morning, this one does not. It also supports recovery, which is a nice bonus. I train 5-6 days a week so I need it!

Jammer02xd's Rating

Great product! As mentioned below, you'll have to experiment to see what works best for you. 2 capsules is perfect for me to go to sleep as 3 capsules left me feeling hot/flushed for some reason. it's enough to put me out, give me some good dreams and wake up feeling refreshed. Definitely recommend.

brooks1865's Rating

Personally my favorite ZMA supplement. The added melatonin helps you fall asleep unlike the typical Zinc, Magnesium, B6 blend. 3 caps and I was snoozing hard and making those restful gainz!

adrienne6312's Rating

Great product! I used one pill per night and it worked great for me. Went to sleep easily and woke up feeling good (still sore some days, but I do think it helps to lessen soreness and help with recovery)!

anandagirl's Rating

Okay, guess what? Serving size on this isn't a one size fits all thing! The serving size on the label is three capsules for men and two for women. I tried two several times, and did not get a good night's sleep at any time. Was thinking about trying three, but one of the reps told me that sometimes people get better effectiveness on lower doses, so I tried one capsule. That was the perfect dose for me! Some people need more, some need less, give it a little trial and error to figure out what is best for you. So, when I figured out that I only needed one capsule, I could barely keep my eyes open about 45 minutes after taking it. slept deep, and woke up refreshed. Looking forward to the next couple night of sleep to recover from my week of training (especially high volume deadlift day!) before I start it all over again :)

Jackiefitlife's Rating

I really liked this product. I have had too much caffeine recently but this really helped me get a great night sleep. My muscles had plenty of time to recover and I woke up feeling ready to go.

blade42's Rating

I take this every night before bed. Helps me get solid sleep and I've definitely felt a difference in my recovery. Ive noticed I don't have as much muscle soreness since I started taking it

JoyellaNicole's Rating

I took 2 pills every night and I felt so refreshed waking up in the morning and actually felt like I slept through the night. I have a hard time getting to sleep and staying asleep and this helped so much. I highly recommend this product!

deanna1113's Rating

I LOVE THIS PRODUCT. I always had trouble sleeping at night and once I took this, my sleep patterns were so much more regular. I was so shocked at how well it actually worked since so skeptical about sleeping pills.

shoobee101's Rating

I recieved this product as a complimentary sample from rsp. Im not normally a zma user so i was pretty skeptical to use this product at first. A few of my friends use zma products so i thought id give this a whirl. I definitely had a more"serene" sleep experience on this product. Hard to describe, i just felt more peaceful and a more relaxed sleep. I will say this though,i use a cpap at night. If your a thick necked fella,use caution with these types of products. I fell asleep on the couch before bed and had an apnea was much harder for my body to "wake up" and react when i used this product. So i only took it at my bedside thereafter with my cpap on. After that,it was a very quality sleep for me.

LunaLifts's Rating

I tried this twice, first night with two capsules as per the recommended dosage for females, and the second night with three. The first night I did feel more relaxed, and ready to sleep after about a half hour. I didn't stay asleep well though, so I figured I'd give it another chance with the higher dosage. I fell asleep ok, but I woke up pretty frequently. I wasn't uncomfortable, didn't have to use the restroom, wasn't too hot or too cold, I just kept waking up. This product isn't for me, I give it points for helping with falling a sleep, but it was a big miss as far as staying asleep.

Grapplingmuscle's Rating

Good sleep and recovery product. ZMA is tried and true and with the combination with melatonin it definitely gets the job done

Laramie502's Rating

I already take melatonin and magnesium to help me sleep so I did not notice a big difference while taking this supplement. Both of these vitamins help me to get a good nights rest each night. But for someone who does not already take those vitamins, I highly recommend this supplement.

heyitsruss's Rating

I can not praise this supplement enough. Before I was taking regular Melatonin, but decided to switch to this for faster recovery times. I take the recommended dosage of 3 tablets an hour before bed and I get the best sleep of my life. I wake up rested and not groggy. I do not take this on an empty stomach as I drink Casein and eat some cottage cheese before bed. It does not knock you out as I can easily wake up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom and fall back asleep effortless after. Can not recommend this supplement enough

Blackregalgs's Rating

I found this product to be exactly as advertised. I take the recommended 3 tablets about 45 min to an hour before I goto bed. I find my sleep to be more sound and I feel more rested in the morning, ready for my next gym session. I can also say that when I don't use it my recovery per workout takes longer.

adomeragic's Rating

I found that this supplement did exactly it stated. I took the recommended dose of three pills a day about 45 minutes before bedtime. I don't finish up my workouts until 8pm or later and I try to be in bed by 10pm or 11pm at the latest. I take a ton of preworkout before the gym session so sometimes it doesn't fully wear off by the time I'm ready for sleep so I found that Z-Elite really helped slow me down and relax me so that I can fall asleep without a problem. Nice I fell asleep I would stay asleep and feel much more rested in the morning. On top of that I felt like I recovered faster between workouts and I definitely noticed an increase in my testosterone levels. The price is more than reasonable for the results!

mariekunertcoop's Rating

I love this stuff. I have a terrible time falling asleep and staying asleep most nights but after taking Z-Elite I was falling asleep within 20 minutes and not waking up until my alarm went off. I have already recommended it to friends who have complained about sleep.

1-20 of 157 Reviews