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MindyJ85's Rating

Z Elite is great to take post workout. It works great for muscle recovery and getting a good nights rest, waking up feeling refreshed and ready to go.

russej3505's Rating

Woke up feeling super refreshed while taking this! Have used two bottles and plan on buying again.

cashy23's Rating

Solid sleep assistant also improved muscle development over a short period of time.

gosquee's Rating

This is a great sleeping aid to promote growth and muscle recovery. I have been seeing good results for over a month.

itscourtneyyy's Rating

I take 2 of these every night and It definitely helps with sleep as well as muscle recovery. I highly recommend this product!

kikerslaugh's Rating

I love the effects I have seen since starting to take this product before bed. It allows me to sleep throughout the night and helps with muscle recovery...something you can't get with just a traditional melatonin pill. Both my fiance and I take this every night before bed.

dk954's Rating

Take the guessing out of making gains while you sleep! Z-Elite helps me get good sleep while recovering from the days work!

markkoviack90's Rating

I have a hard time sleeping regardless of taking other sleep aid supplements. This one by far takes he cake. I took it probably an hour before bed and i was ready to sleep in about 30 minutes. I stayed asleep for atleast 7 hours. If you have trouble sleeping i would recommend this to you. It also helps with your recovery.

Tury301's Rating

This product first time i try it and loved it im starting on this type of supplents and this brand has giving me results in a short period of time i can really see the changes on my body

yscott's Rating

I might need to try this one again. I didn't feel it worked for me

BrandonCraney's Rating

I love this product. I have trouble sleeping so this product really helped me get some well needed recovery. If you need sleep this is the product for you!

bradmac13's Rating

Just started using really like the recovery aspect of this product whether it helps me sleep is up for debate.But I have always been a fitful sleeper will definitely keep using for recovery alone

Willowens2953's Rating

I really enjoy the Z- Elite. It really helps you rest, relax, sleep deeper and most of all continuous muscle growth while the body is asleep. Keeps the testosterone health. Easy to take. Take it 30 mins Right before bed. You'll feel the results.

olimichaud's Rating

olimichaud did not leave a written review for this product.

hoopstar22's Rating

I tried this product I had trouble sleeping at times I would get up in the middle of night but since then it has help me and now I don't get up in the middle of the night also it help a lot with my recovery from lifting the day before I would recommend it others someone recommend it to be so I gave it a try and I'm happy I did

KrystalBensch's Rating

I do like this product. I feel like my body gets a chance to recover. The only thing I'm not the biggest fan of is the 3 mg of melatonin. I still wake up groggy and mind cloudy. I use this mostly on for those nights I know I'm going to be feeling sore the next day after a big workout day. Over all, still a pretty good product, just not something I'd use on a night-to-night basis.

whipsNpains's Rating

I ordered this because my trainer suggested a nighttime magnesium supplement for sleep and recovery, but also I had constipation due to increased protein. It works wonderfully for both. I take two about 30 mins before bed and it helps me fall asleep. My sleep has been restful and I wake up feeling good - not groggy. It has also helped my regularity as I'm able to go every morning within an hour of waking without stomach cramps or any other negative side effects (though I will say that day 1 I was in the bathroom a few time that morning).

Tylermanuel's Rating

I have been taking this product for 4 days now and it has fixed my getting up in the middle of the night and when i wake up i actually feel rested. This product has helped me so much!!

Mamabrat1976's Rating

IN LOVE!! With my new found R.E.M sleep that is! I am a person whom on a regular basis wakes anywhere from 2-4 times per night. Never really reaching that R.E.M sleep that is optimum. Until now that is! I am so grateful to have come across this product! Getting that much needed rest is crushial for muscle growth and recovery. Z Elite has been so beneficial. I'm even having dreams again, that hasnt happend in years. And it doesn't make you feel tired or groggy the next morning either! This product is a life saver!! ANOTHER AMAZING RSP PRODUCT😍😴

1-20 of 254 Reviews