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Designed To Burn Fat While Simultaneously Providing All-Natural, Clean Energy*

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imthat120coach's Rating

I absolutely love this product, flat out. I was sceptical to try it but after using it im a believer, AWESOME results so far.

Mr.imtrying's Rating

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So far I really like this product I have begun to experience benefits in just a short time. Due to the caffeine I do not take with dinner if I am eating late as I worry it will impair my sleep but I have not experienced any jitteriness or other negative effects you may experience with products containing extra caffeine. If this is a concern I would recommend the regular QuadraLean.

JoshBody's Rating

This is not for kids or soft tolerant people. If you love to feel the thermo than this is something to try out. I love the intense focus I get when I pop these babies in the morning. I am all in at gym and even at work.

thumper06's Rating

Absolutely LOVE this product! Not only do you feel it but you can see the results! Not only do I personally take this product but I also recommend it to all of my clients!

Henwiggles's Rating

Great product. Nice little boost while burning fat.

metalmario's Rating

This is one of the better fat burners I have taken! The best part is it doesn't give me the jitters and skin flushing like other fat burners i've taken. It provides pretty good energy throughout the day and improved focus during my workouts. The serving size was good and any more would have been too much, maybe take a little less if you are sensitive to caffeine. I did notice an overall decrease in body fat after a few weeks, paired with proper diet and cardio. The price is great and there is even a sale currently while posting this review! I will be getting more in the future but next time I will be getting the stim free version to stack it with pre workout. Great stuff!

MirandaPierce's Rating

Love this product. Although, I think the serving size could go down a bit. 3 capsules puts me over my limits. I am good with 1 or 2 before a meal 1 time per day. He makes me a bit jittery if I take 3 and makes it harder to do cardio as my HR increases. However, when I take 1 or 2 I love it. I can see results after using this for a while and I can do my workouts without any problem. I am a smaller person so 3 capsules may suffice for other people. Love it!!

USARMY504's Rating

I support all RSP products and this is one of my go to thermogenics that I take daily. It has worked for me especially when it comes to cutting inches off my waist and still maintaining my body weight!! Try it out !

CGTonneas's Rating

This is an Awesome fat burner! Doesnt gove me the jitters or that terrible crash that typically accompanies fat burners. I stack it with CLA, Amino Lean and BCAA regen, great results so far!

Woodshole89's Rating

I purchased this product about a month ago. It gives me a great burst of energy in the middle of my day. I usually take it with lunch. I have lost 5 pounds since starting this supplement and have never felt better.

sryan3323's Rating

I had used the regular QuadraLean for a while and love the boost I get from the Thermogenic without the jittery feeling most other stimulants give you. Plus it helped me shed that stubborn belly fat! Definitely recommend it if you're looking for a fat burning supplement.

Raynierrv's Rating

My favorite fat burner by far! great ingredient profile and ive seen great results using it, i feel a raise in temperature and sweating while using it so is very potent... do not over dose trust me is potent enough, i did four pills once and it was too much my hand was shaking an hour after taking it so be carefull and use as directed!

Deon25's Rating

By far the most effective fat burner I have ever use during my cut phase.

blade42's Rating

Great mix of fat burners. I usually do the stimulant free, but this was a great way to change it up and give me a boost when I needed it!

Grapplingmuscle's Rating

Very nice little thermogenic/ energy/ mental focus blend! Great to stack with non stim CLA or something.

dalefredricks's Rating

Huge fan of this product. Half way through the bottle and the best part is I can take this on an empty stomach and easily go 2-3 hours before getting hungry again. It gives a good boost of energy in the mornings also. For the price it is truly hard to beat! It has several solid ingredients and is a full 60 day supply, unlike most other competitors products. For the price, I plan to use this the entire length of my cut.

foozfitness's Rating

I used the original Quadralean product for a while and experienced great results so naturally I gave the thermogenic formula a chance. Wow! I was blown away by the focus the product gives you. I also appreciated the fact that there wasn't an extreme amount of caffeine, stimulants like other products on the market. I found that it is every bit as effective if not more effective than the original formula. The best part is that you can stack the two formulas together throughout the day since the original is stimulant free. The product is excellent and I strongly recommend this to anyone dealing with weight issues, trouble focusing, etc....

Laramie502's Rating

This fat burner works! It gives me needed energy during my evening work outs and has also given me the extra kick to shed some belly fat. I will definitely keep this fat burner in my supplement stack

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abey15's Rating

This rspnutrition quadralean has been giving me an extra kick while shedding a few pounds for summer! The sharp mental focus and added energy all day is unbeatable! The suppressed appetite and thermogenic are definitely a plus! Absolutely awesome product and would recommend to everyone! Absolutely zero side affects! 👍👍👍🤔

1-20 of 386 Reviews