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maxpayne3d's Rating

Agree with Dgeboo. There is no information about it on website.

dgeboo's Rating

my biovite arrived today and before buying it there was no information about chemical which can cause birth defects !! or other peproductive harm !

paulbax's Rating

Reasonably OK profile but loses a point for me with the inclusion of Iron: an iron free version would be cool.

LunaLifts's Rating

This is a great product, it hits all the gaps in my diet, and then some. Especially with the iron content. The profile is outstanding, the price is amazing considering you'd need multiple vitamins from a store to get all of that, and you still wouldn't get the reds, and greens. I've already noticed my energy is better during the day, and I'm sleeping better at night. The pills are large, but one at a time with plenty of water works fine. I suggest taking it with a meal, and plenty of water, as some vitamins (like A, C, D, and K) absorb best when consumed with fat, some absorb best with water (C, and Bs).

josemac's Rating

Best sleep I ever had from a zma product. No weird dreams. I will definitely buy this product again.

ZRiley92's Rating

If being overall healthy and promoting a healthy immune system then BioVite Multivitamin is what you take. Its very best to take this everyday to keep the energy going throughout the day

Pills are large but it doesnt matter if u take it with enough water. Do NOT crunch it the taste of the insideis really really really bad.

it is a great multivitamin that really help out with the high actives I do like soccer.

kcrollins4's Rating

If your into fitness or just being healthy and promoting a healthy immune system BioVite Multivitamin is what you take. I've had other name brands multivitamins and RSP is by far ahead if the game as far as recovery, immune system boost, with the essential vitamins your body needs to be healthy and perform.

tvo096's Rating

BioVite has a great balance between vitamins, minerals and veggies all contained in capsule form for convenience. There are days I don't get enough of certain vitamins or enough servings of veggies. I can count on BioVite to fill those gaps in in my fitness journey!

Johnny37lfc's Rating

This product has a sticker warning attached, which is not shown on the bodybuilding website, and it should be, the sticker reads "WARNING - This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause Birth Defects or other reproductive harm" Now why is such not clearly stated on the website, and why has not acknowledged such?... As an opinion, i ordered it and have stayed clear based on the "Warning".... Would go for a safe option in something like SOLGAR 2000...Not to happy about the information being retained..

lucasm1111's Rating

I really like this multi-vitamin one because it has the Reds and greens and the Reds have the aciberry,Cranberries all the berries that are good for detoxing the body and then the greens it even has tumeric in it which is good for staving off alstimers I mean talk about a one pill that does it all covers all the bases I don't think you could find a better multi-vitamin out there.

mdennis06103's Rating

A multi-vitamin is a must for all athletes. Having a diet which is gap free of micronutrient deficiencies is key to general health and wellness and optimal performance in your sport. Not only does BioVite have a full micronutrient profile it also has a blend of Reds and Greens. These are extracts from various fruits and vegetables. This is what separates BioVite from the competition.

This product caused a multitude of hard to diagnose problems for me, including, but certainly not limited to, vitamin A toxicity. I'd recommend that you pass it over.

RMJ7734's Rating

Has a good profile of ingredients and is from a trusted name. I like the two month supply option as well. Can't go wrong.


Excellent multivitamin with a great ingredient profile. The bottle with 180 pills gets you a 2 months supply !!!!! And not only does have the essentials of a regular multivitamin ,it also contains a greens and reds blend in to help you get more veggies in your diet !!!!

RobbHulkSmash's Rating

I've tried a ton of different multi-vitamins ranging from store brand to big brand and I must say that I'll never buy anything other than BioVite. Yes, the pills are a little bit on the big side but the smooth coating makes them go down easy. It's packed full of vitamins that you don't normally find in a multi. The best part to me is that it has a Red and Green blend that you would normally have to buy several products to get. I feel great using these and I've been taking them since October and I haven't gotten even a cold all winter. Seriously, do yourself a favor and try them out!

DaytonS's Rating

I have tried a lot of multivitamins in the past and had a lot of issues, once I tried RSP's BioVite, I was hooked. I really feel like this multivitamin actually works and the results show. This pill is also very easy to take! I highly recommend!

Bfit88's Rating

Great for getting all your extra vitamins especially when cutting for a show. Love the way it makes me feel. Very great product!

Pedrosquin18's Rating

Loving this Multivitamin, i take it first thing in the morning before breakfast. This product makes me feel great through the day with more focus and energy.

1-20 of 102 Reviews