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Designed To Eliminate Soreness And Increase Recovery

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vachonaline36's Rating

not sure about this product was asled to ge tthis by my coach since starting finding that i'm starving now mid workout don't feel any energy from this used to use Kaged pre workout never felt a crash like with this taste kinda taste like dirty water both flavors i mix in 1l water could be why but no will not buy again not worth the hype or money

BrennaSexyLegs's Rating

Taste-10/10 Taste just like orange creamsicle to me. Love it. Easy to drink. I have a hard time drinking enough fluids during my workout, but since this tasted so good, I drank 32+oz of water during my workouts Price-8/10 Little bit pricey. 30 servings for $45. If you take 2 scoops during a workout, that's an expensive intra workout drink. But at the same time, it's a hefty scoop with a lot of ingredients in it, and if you watch John Meadow's video on youtube, it's pretty convincing Effects-unkown To be honest, I'm not sure this was a supplement that I could really "feel" (like you would a pre workout). One of the main sellers is increases recovery on this supplement, and I guess you could say that's true! I don't recall being deathly sore after my leg days like I usually am. Overall: 9/10 Great product. Great tasting, Only reason I bumped it down a point was price. I would recommend this to a friend though, especially if taste is important (and to me it is very important)

alphaproject's Rating

I logged this, loved it....would get again plain and simple. I noticed an increase in overall recovery while using this product. The recovery was not always about muscle soreness but mostly about recovery after any type of exercise was done. So after you are done working out, the recovery to feeling back to normal seemed much quicker to me. I've tried a lot of products and this one really seems legit. I was supposed to get the EAA+ version but instead I got the classic version but since it's loaded with 30g of carbs that don't give me a crash after, I was happy I got this version. I'd try grape next time. Taste is always subjective but I enjoyed it. It wasn't the absolute best ever... but easily a 9/10.

andyboyy's Rating

Get a good pump with 2 scoops. Pop 2 R-ala right before your workout and you will have the craziest pump! Good product!

patmckay's Rating

patmckay did not leave a written review for this product.

ronni05's Rating

ronni05 did not leave a written review for this product.

feinmichael's Rating

I Bought the 30 serving size from Prime Nutrition directly using a promo code from a respected member of the team. I was in aw when I got it seeing how big the container is (Size of a large Protein container) and the scoop was huge. The taste is not horrible but kinda not all that great, and it clumps up big time at the top, tried different ways still clumps. To get full effect from this product PN says use two scoops for men which makes it a 15 day supply and for women 1 scoop. I am not being negative just being real, am I going to buy this again? At this moment I do not know, they do need to fix the clumping problem, I am hoping it is just a batch that went wrong some way. I do like the #'s , not happy about needing to double scoop

Kadoobiedo's Rating

Probably my favorite product from Prime Nutrition. I have had this with me every single workout since I obtained it. It allows me to train harder with shorter rests inbetween sets, and recovery post-workout is through the roof. No clumping issues whatsoever, and the orange carnage flavor is delicious. It tastes like orange creamsicle.

daveherr13's Rating

Intra-MD is a quality product produced by a quality company. it does what its designed to do...reducing soreness and increasing energy. the Orange Carnage flavor is delicious and refreshing. while Intra-MD may be a bit more expensive than most Amino products it does contain ingredients not normally found in other recovery supplements. these additional ingredients push Intra-MD to the top of the heap.

Pain Zone's Rating

I really had high hopes when I purchased this product. Switching from another Intra workout carb supplement. But honestly I'm very disappointed with this product. First off it is very deceiving, you do not get 30 servings like the label claims. If you read the directions you need 2 scoops. With that being said you only get 15 servings a bottle for $50! With other brands you truly get 30 servings for around the same price. Now let's talk quality... The two main carbohydrate sources in this are maltodex and dextrose... Those are two of the cheapest carb sources you can possibly find, in such an expensive product that is a huge let down. Unlike other quick sources like karbolyn that comes from rice, potatoes ect. This product really was a let down for me. The added aminos are great, but then again those are dirt cheap. I will stick with the other brands that give you more for your money. And performance wise I really couldn't tell a difference. I bought 2 tubs of Intra md which is only 30 servings. And I could not tell a difference than other Intra workout products. The only difference is the higher price and the less quality ingredients.

missmoose1's Rating

missmoose1 did not leave a written review for this product.

Kasant's Rating

Kasant did not leave a written review for this product.

NYMuscle92's Rating

I absolutely love this product! This product to me is the best intra on the market! Both flavors are good as well. As far as what it does for you it has certainly cut down my recovery time and to me worth every penny!

Hitman60's Rating

This product says what it does. When you train hard and the next morning you get out of bed, no soreness. I like that at my age. 2 scoops is all you need if your a Male at 255+ lbs. It does have a pungent smell when mixed, maybe it's time for a new shaker cup. Lol. On Cardio days, I drink Prime Nutrition EAA's

seanrmcrae's Rating

Awesome product, keeps your energy up for serious training sessions and keeps the muscles lookn full and has made for some gains.... What else can u say, John meadows knows his **** and has came up with a great formula.

Guinther10910's Rating

This product is literally a game changer. Say goodbye to loss of energy during those extra long training sessions. This product has become a must have for me.

dannylara51's Rating

Just buy it. Seriously this stuff is what all other intra formulas should strive to be. The flavor is more of a orange creamiscle than a tang. No artificial sweeteners or colors is a major selling point, most companies need to catch up already. This stuff is a bit pricey but completely worth it.

justhamade's Rating

First off the taste is good. Its sweet due to the dextrin but not too grainy. Second I really like that there is no crap in it. Artificial flavours and colours give me issues and this has none. It may be placebo but I found my recovery times where noticeably faster. I have been doing an extreme amount of volume and have had great energy and strength. Also it did not seem to hinder fat loss for me. I experimented with not taking it and fat loss was not any faster.

ryangatto's Rating

Absolutely love this stuff!! Use 2 scoops during every workout and add a scoop of prime nutrition glutamine. Recovery is ridiculous, most leg days I can barely walk out of the gym, by the next morning I feel ready to go. I've used both flavors and they are both excellent, I prefer the orange a little more though.

Misctake7's Rating

This is my favorite intra-workout supplement! Unlike others, it doesn't sit in your stomach or bloat you. Get some excellent pumps and longer sustained workouts. Hardly ever get sore, so I cannot measure if this helps with soreness or not. Just an overall great product and pretty good taste as well.

1-20 of 54 Reviews