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Features A Multi-Phase Thermo Fat Loss Formula To Support Body Energy, Fat Metabolism And Mental Focus*

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ninjettalex's Rating

I suffer chron's and anemia, so fatigue is a serious struggle for me. I was referred to SST by a personal trainer friend, and ordered a bottle to try out. I started with a half-dose, which felt nice. I did not feel exhausted all day, I felt mentally focused, and was able to stand straight. I tried a full dose, but became jittery, but I get coffee jitters very easily, anyway, so I was unconcerned. I have a naturally slow heart rate, which also helped, but the full dose was just enough to keep me at a half-dose. I had energy all day, after work when I worked out I felt powerful, and after one week of use I doubled my running distance (one mile became two miles), added ten pounds to my upper body machine workouts, and twenty pounds to leg workouts. After using up the bottle, I maintained those numbers. I was incredibly impressed. Absolutely love this product.

marinevet63031's Rating

I tak two pills first thing in the morning, wait a half hour and then eat breakfast. Thisis a decent product. It is a bit expensive per serving.

tdaniel1's Rating

After reading the reviews on how jittery you feel after taking 2 pills, I decided to just take one pill. One pill did nothing for me. After a few days, I decided to try 2 pills. That was a huge mistake for me! I was so jittery I could barely function. I have a very low tolerance for a lot of medications, so it just could be the way my body reacted to the caffeine.

04888allan's Rating

All I can say is this Is the real deal. I take 2 capsuals before cardio and easy ride my bike for 2 hours then I have to make my self stop. Then at night another 2 capsuals before I hit the weights. My lifts have in creased and I'm looking the best I ever have. The capsuals make you sweet massively and I always weight myself before and after cardio and loss 2 kg of sweet. Yes it's only sweet but it works. I strongly recommend getting this product Cheers Allan

Brooklyn77's Rating

I take this product at 4:30 AM and it does increase my energy and focus at the gym and I get a sweat out of it. Directions call for two but I separate the dosage one at 4:30 AM and then the other at 12:00 PM at work. The mental focus at work really helps and my typing speed is amazing with no typos whatsoever lol but all jokes aside at work it helps me concentrate and be more responsive.

Joeycheeks2's Rating

First off this product is pricey. It still doesn't compare with the old school Oxy Elite, but it's not terrible. The only time I feel "the chill effect", is if I take it right before the gym. I'll sweat more in the gym than normal and I did see some results but nothing crazy. I've done two cycles of this and with diet and a workout program I've dropped about 20lbs, but I'll be trying grenade thermos next.

rjpomp's Rating

I use this before I played basketball with my players I coach. Had great energy and focus for about 2 hours. It was great.

bucsdodgers's Rating

This is a very fast acting supplement you'll feel the energy in 10 minutes or so. The energy will last through any workout you throw its way. O ya you'll sweat your butt off as well. On the downside I did get a dry mouth but otherwise a nice little fatburner.

MPLJR1222's Rating

This is another pretty solid fat burner, pretty comparable to iridium. Its marketed as a caffeine product, but definitely could use a bit more caffeine to make it more energetic. Also don't really like the prop blend in SST. But i could definitely feel it working. Pretty much the same effects as other fat burners, a noticeable warm feeling, and smooth energy that lasted for a while. The Iceberry flavor tastes pretty good, and i do like the Terra Bead technology. A solid fat burner overall

silverstar1977's Rating

Definitely not worth the price tag. I am a former Oxy Elite user and my search for a product that is its equal continues. I used this as recommended and my energy level didn't change at all. I had hoped that maybe it would just take a few days so I continued to take it. I have gone through the entire bottle with no results.

dollypetrovich's Rating

dollypetrovich did not leave a written review for this product.

Rontheguy's Rating

I have been taking this product for some time now, approximately three months and have experienced great results. Fat Burners are not the wonder pill, but if you are active, these are thermogenic igniters and result in increased body temp, which has been linked to an increased metabolism and provides the body with more room to burn fat. Personally, I stack Super T by Performix (Test Boost) and SST (Fat Burner) and you will notice a clean and cut look.

clairelove1's Rating

sst product works very good for me i would highly recommend . no jittery feeling nor any bad side effects.start weight 197.4 now @ 179.4 feeling a lot better...will keep taking sst its amazing . started off taking one capsule in the morning on an empty stomach .. one was enough gave me lots of energy .. after 3 weeks started taking two a day one in the 8AM on an empty stomach second one around 5pm. keep in mind it is my very first bottle (; seeing fast results boost of energy & weight loss !

Gexicom's Rating

Are an excellent product. Maybe not suitable for all but excellent for me. Extreme energy, focus, metabolic enhancer. I feel great daily and i still use it for long. I start with 160.2 kg on Jan 27 from this year and today may 10 i scale 137.8 kg that are almost 50 lbs. In just 3 and half month. I really recomend to test with the think may be for you but should be not. Only if try you can know, but im really happy.

BogusForLife's Rating

First of all, I have to give NaturalPursuit props for the generous promo and even sweeter potential prize for the best review. With that said, I don't have much to offer in the way of feedback. I took one capsule to assess my tolerance and was optimistic the yohimbine and synephrine doses were not going to cause any issues. Unfortunately, that was not the case. Even at a half serving, it's evident that this product is not for me. The uneasy feeling that accompanies some, but not all, products I've tried with one or both of those ingredients was present with this one. I was hopeful that the mild caffeine content and moderating my dosing would circumvent those adverse effects like it has with other similar products. I have to say that this product did not provide me with any appreciable effects that would make me want to continue taking it to see if I grew accustomed to the stimulant blend. My apologies for the short and less than valuable review but I agreed to review the product so I at least wanted to fulfill that obligation. In hindsight, I shouldn't have taken the chance with a proprietary blend of ingredients I'm not fond of which is all the more reason I'm a proponent of open labels.

treymartin31's Rating

The overall effect of this stuff was amazing, it helped me cut down about 15 pounds in two months. The only downside is sometimes SST felt too strong that it made me wonder if it was probably harmful for my health. I could only use a half serving for the first month but on the plus side, the effect never wore off. Overall, a very useful product that works as advertised.

stephsduality's Rating

Super clean, not a jittery fat burner. I recommend it to those who have used fat burners in the past. I go the extra mile in my pumps or when I'm extremely tired 8 hours prior to bed, i take one of these and gets me that boost i need.

txdude64's Rating

I absolutely love SST. It keeps me completely focused throughout my workout as well as during the rest of the day.

Snr0308's Rating

I am always skeptical of using diet pills as I've had a lot that haven't worked. Let me just say I used 1 bottle without changing diet and didn't even work out, I know shame on me, but I've went from 137 to 131! I had a special buy one get one 50% off so I can't wait to see how much more I lose with the next. They seem expensive but with the way they work they're worth that money! Gives you a little jitters but you get use to it and If you eat a little something it helps. But you take it on an empty stomach so wait 30 to 45 minutes before eating.

1-20 of 99 Reviews