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aaraukiddingme's Rating

I literally just created an account so I can share my experience with all of you. I have tried a lot of pre-workout supplements over the past 12 years and I know this product is dangerous. I'm well aware that everyone has different reactions and levels of sensitivity when it comes to stimulants or anything for that matter so this may or may not resonate with a lot of you. I thought I would try something different and saw Performix ION was on sale (Buy 1 and get 1 50% off) so I just said ***** it and gave it a shot. I'm not gonna lie - my workouts were amazing. The next day after I took it for the first time, I woke up at 330am and couldn't fall back asleep so I figured I'd go hit the gym again before work. I was loving it at first but then I continued to wake up between 3-4am every single day for about 15 days straight. I tried to convince myself that this sudden episode of insomnia was stress related but it definitely was not. My levels of anxiety were through the roof and it messed with my personality. My muscles started to twitch randomly and there was also some blurry vision to complement it. I have averaged about 3-4 hours of sleep over the past 2 weeks and have never had issues like this until I got my hands on this stuff. I was able to return the second tub that I purchased but I tossed the rest of the first tub without hesitation. Be careful and proceed with caution. Cheers, AZ

SwoltronPrime's Rating

Great Pre, not sure their release beads are legit but the profile of ingredients is awesome I know the focus and energy of the product is good and I'm glad they switched the ingredient profile to no longer be proprietary blend

wcb17's Rating

If you like sleep, do not buy. The product itself is average, but it's "multi phase delivery system" is trash. It claims "get a boost intra-workout" but that boost hits me 5 hours later. Never fails, if you take this before 12:00 you won't be going to sleep anytime soon (I'm writing this at 3:00 a.m. And I took it at 4:30 p.m.)

JHFleroy's Rating

JHFleroy did not leave a written review for this product.

Tabatha415's Rating

LOVE THIS PRODUCT!! I usually have a hard time finding pre-workout that my body doesn't get acclimated with too fast. I have an extremely high tolerance for many simulants but I found that this one is the EXCEPTION. Since using this for the last 10 weeks I have yet to have a pump that wasn't awesome! It just keeps working! Not only that, the watermelon and tangerine flavors are amazing and taste just like a jolly rancher! You can't go wrong with this product! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED 10/10

ausie9's Rating

When I first started using this I LOVED it! I got a good sustained rush of energy. I took a break from them and used other products and decided to give them another go. I never realized how hard on the stomach it is. I can barely make it through a workout without having to stop because I feel as though I'm going to yak. Love the taste but probably won't go back because my workouts suffer now.

sab73253's Rating

I like the energy release on this one. Other people may love the skin crawling rush and teeth gritting burst of other products. But, this one is a little different. It lasts the entire workout and helps me through the morning fatigue. I go to the gym around 5:30am and getting started is never going to be easy. But the middle to the end of the workout has become my sweet spot with this product. It won't make you want to scream out of the gate, but you will definitely have the juice to try those extra reps at the end of your sets. I recommend trying it. Both flavors that I tried were great. The tangerine is my personal favorite.

sheawallin18's Rating

This pre workout has an amazing taste and provides energy all throughout my workouts. The caffeine hits immediately but it has a small dosage so I would recommend two scoops which equals 350 mg of caffeine for people who want an extra boost like me. If you are looking for regular solid energy take one. It works great when you stack a pump product with it. I would highly recommend this product to any pre workout lover but I am looking for something a little stronger next time

jkraft88's Rating

First things first, you don't have to worry about energy or crashing at the gym with this pre-workout. As somebody with moderate caffeine tolerance (can down 2 cups of coffee without feeling adverse effects), I can truly say that this product is a bit strong for my taste. The first time I took it I felt nauseous all night. I tried half a scoop the next day and got some of the energy, but not enough. It will take more trial and error, but I can definitely say if a strong pump and energy boost are needed, this stuff will work.


Definitely not a beginner pre- workout. The beads in this mixture definitely work and they gave me energy for long periods of time. 2.5-3 hours no problem with only one scoop. This product is designed to give you equal amounts of energy throughout your entire workout so if you only workout an hour at a time, be prepared for jitters and rushes after your workout because its still gonna be releasing energy. This product has an absolutely fantastic flavor and a great pump. I live about 15 minutes away from my local gym, so I would take it before I left and by the time I walked in the door I was beyond ready to start lifting. So if you want something for long and strenuous amounts of energy this is by far in the top 3 if those are your requirements.

gent1974's Rating

I been on a few. Tried this due to reviews and my first and week was beast mode in the gym. Second week just as hard. I go for 3 hours and have to tell my self to leave . I will see how it will hold up for the month. I can say the first 20 minutes you will feel it . I'm a big guy I only use one scope to 6 oz of water I will Bring performix 9.2.2 and mix pump with it. And I kill it at the gym to we're I will jump up 2 sets plus last set with a 15-30 lbs more for the muscle to burn and lose the ability . for The great build. Remember if you don't exhaust the muscle you will not build as much Thanks

bod4ralph's Rating

i have had the blue ice of performix before the tangerine and the pump is great tastes awesome and the focus is intense havent tried the ice punch yet but when i find something that "CLICKS" i stick with it and this is a keeper keep up the great work performix you have a customer from now on try some new flavors like maybe pink lemonade or grape kudos to you performix awesome pre workout for this guy !

Fulani's Rating

Started out with half a scoop, because I've had a bad experience with preworkout to test my tolerance. Didn't feel much of anything. Next I tried a whole scoop and boy did I feel it! Within 15 minutes my focus was getting intense. By the time I hit the gym, I was ready to go. I didn't procrastinate, I wanted to destroy my workout. I hit the weights hard as hell! and it felt like I could of keep going for days! Focus, energy are great. Pumps good too! I took points off because the terra beads don't mix well and it taste like ****! But it gives a steady energy feel I like it.

8811118's Rating

After using this product for awhile I can say the tangerine flavor actually tastes like tangerines and dissolves in water with just a swish of a spoon. The extended release lasts from 5 to 6 hours instead of the 3 others last.

jamesgable26's Rating

automatic negative review for propriatary blend. i want to know EXACTLY how much of each ingredient is in my products. how much creatin, beta alanien, etc...

BigBeezy69's Rating

Product tastes amazing, like flavored water. considering it doesn't do anything from what i can tell from using a whole bottle thats probably what it is. i only gave it a 3 because of the taste. I felt absolutely nothing the whole cycle taking this. if you want expensive kool-aid then buy this.

bjrolle's Rating

Worked great. Easily mixed

Scaldwell42's Rating

I absolutely love this pre-workout! I recommend it to everyone. It gives a great pump and keeps the energy flowing throughout my entire workout. In my opinion the tangerine is the best flavor. Do yourself a favor and don't buy the fruit punch, the flavor is absolutely terrible tasting and is difficult to drink! This pre-workout can be hard on the stomach as well and you need to be sure to drink a lot of water when using it to rehydrate your body.

natrcaizza's Rating

Taste was amazing! Results... not so much! The first couple of uses I had great energy, but after that I might as well have just drank water.. nothing happened. I eat properly throughout the day, pre and post workout and have used many pre workout supplements. I won't be buying this one again.

KJSmall13's Rating

I love this Pre-Workout! It mixes well, and tastes great. An entire scoop gives me enough energy for at least a 2 hour workout, and the pump is always intense.

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