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rodefeeh's Rating

I am very impressed with this pre-workout. It really delivers on what it promises - energy and pumps. At two scoops, I've been having some pretty sick workouts. The tyrosine and hordenine really take the energy and mood-boosting power up a notch, not to mention you already have a really high dose of caffeine at 350 mg. The energy boost would probably too much for a lot of people. At the 45 minute mark in my workouts, I've been having some really good euphoria and still find it easy to aggressively attach the weights. My vascularity has increased too, roadmap veins. You get two solid pump enhancing ingredients. My muscles feel very full during workouts. I really like the fully disclosed formula too. So you take Outrage for what it is marketed for, you will not be disappointed. There aren't really any performance enhancing ingredients although I have been seeing gains from workout to workout. If you like to feel the rage during your workout, pull the trigger on some Outrage!

Jul 17, 2017 |