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xDredgex's Rating

I was a bit skeptical adding or even trying a test booster, I never really thought I needed one as I don't find myself pushing too far beyond my limits. My regiment has always been to maintain. Recently, I've found that I'm now wanting to push past that. I'm nearing 40 and realizing it's now or never. I've spent 3 years of absolutely 100% clean eating, structured sleep and scheduled dosing/habits, then I received Alpha Test as part of the Team. I've been on it since and have slowly noticed changes, good changes, positive changes. My sleep has fallen into an even greater cycle, on the dot eyes closed, up before my alarms. In my exercise routines, what would've been (then) "I've reached my limit, let's keep it there and continue" has changed to "add a bit more please". I'm also finding my focus during routines to be more zoned in, a few days this past week I didn't even realize the music I was listening to had stopped playing well before I stopped working out. I have no intentions over overdoing it with Alpha Test, strictly within the recommended dosing guidelines, but I'm certainly not going to stop taking it now. Highly recommended.

Jan 13, 2017 |