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Test Booster Capsules for Increased Free Testosterone

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hailmary1474's Rating

I have taken this for awhile now and it works got me over the jump of my workouts and I will be coming back to them soon just cycled off for awhile but I would recommend this to anyone

chinyong's Rating

Water retention. No increase in strength. No increase in aggression. No increase in libido. Did I misunderstood this product before buying?

jets806's Rating

Noticed an increase in strength and able to push out more reps! Feel more energized also! For the price you can't beat it!

mbred22's Rating

I have been using it since 2 weeks now .I really feel more strength and my weights have increased . I am taking two tablets in morning with breakfast and two after 9pm or before I workout .I used 2 types of test boosters before this and by far its the best one

Jtexan19's Rating

Out of all the test boosters I've tried I keep coming back to this one. I've tried the ones with daa and they don't do anything for me.I like this one because it's more natural and it works. It takes me about a month to feel the efects but I start to notice quicker recovery time witch is really what I'm looking for.

nikkotoots's Rating

Bought this product last week and have been taking 1 pill a day. 1 pill made all the difference for me. Did some HIIT before doing legs and the results are unbelievable! During HIIT I was recovering quicker. After HIIT I recovered half of the time and did legs. Additional 20lb on my front squats, my 1 rep max for squats became 2 rep max, additional 50lbs on my deadlift too. After that I did some shoulder and arm workout then headed right to the office. In the office I noticed that I was not as tired as I was normally after a workout. Strength, performance, recovery, stamina, endurance and libido are all up. :) I also experienced less DOMs when taking this product. This supplement is a STEAL for it's price. I gave a 9 so that MUSCLETECH would even make it better :) But for me it's PERFECT! I can't even imagine taking the full dosage of 4 pills a day.

TokerRebel's Rating

I just received this in the mail today, so I'll write a follow up in 30 days. I ordered 3 of these at buy 1 get 1 free and they only shipped the 3 that I ordered. I called the 1 866 236 8417 and they could not find the promotion even though the shopping cart clearly stated promotion applied. The lady that took the call was awesome. She set it up to send me another 3 bottles FREE (I pay 2.99 S&H) I was very pleased with the level of customer service I received and just wanted to give a shout out for a job well done. It's service like this, that will keep me buying all my BB needs here at Thank you!! Rusty James

velopro's Rating

Great test booster! I have noticed a change in overall energy, musculature, and strength from previous products used. Recommend this product to those seeking a great test booster.

joshuawardlow's Rating

I have been taking this product for three weeks now, and I can feel some increased energy and stamina. I am hoping that it gets even better after another week or so, and remains constant if I continue to use it.

dcboit's Rating

Maybe I need to give this more time but not impressed yet. I liked the EVL Booster better since it was taken b4 bedtime, that makes more sense taking it then since thats when testosterone is naturally released.

rvcastillo's Rating

very well priced compatible with higher priced T Boosters i am sticking with MuscleTech!!

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izbo10's Rating

Works as far as I can tell, but pills are a bit big so. May be difficult to swallow but having tried 3 test boosters this seems to be normal only finding one smaller. Also not as much of a weird feeling after taking as the first one I tried so that's good.

Maximus512's Rating

I have been using Test booster for 2 weeks now and I can feel an improvement with my stamina at the gym. I feel more awake, during workout I feel like I can do longer reps, I have been increasing my weights. I take 2 pills a day as directed. I was afraid of getting random headaches as some on here received. So far none for me. I have medication I take every morning. I usually wait until noon to take my first pill then anywhere between 8-9:30pm for the 2nd pill.

Anthonybulluck's Rating

This product works so well it made me question if it was legal. I'm on my second bottle and everything has shot up. From my strength, weight all the way down to my sex drive. This product is the ABSOLUTE BEST test booster I have ever taken. This ACTUALLY works and it works great !

painNgains's Rating

Want to be the alpha get alpha test, beast it in the gym ,feel the test ,feel the pump, lift harder ,build it bigger.

colelink22's Rating

Personally one of my favorite products by MuscleTech! I was not a believer in test boosters still having this. It kept me going, feeling strong, AND improved lifts. I love this stuff, already looking into ordering again and stacking with some other products. Totally worth the cash.

Cailin201's Rating

I have used this a couple times in the past i havent noticed much of a difference because of how old i am but it worked pretty well.

ChrisHarper32's Rating

This is an excellent Test Booster product. My lifts have increased since starting this product and I feel more energized throughout the day. The pills are very easy to take and I have loved my results.

montanalarkin's Rating

I decided that I would try out Muscletech's test booster as I like a lot of their products. I was quite disappointed. Unlike other test boosters I felt no difference using the product and saw no increase in strength or leanness. There are much better test boosters on the market for an equal price, try truegrit's test booster or surge by neon.

MVBFishing's Rating

I've taken a few test boosters in that past and hadn't really noticed a difference in anything. With these I've actually felt a difference. I'm 39 so any help I can get I'll take. It's not a miracle pill but I can say it works and it's good to know MuscleTech is supplying pure ingredients and super high quality products for really reasonable prices. Gotta love that.

1-20 of 119 Reviews