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Test Booster Capsules for Increased Free Testosterone

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Jbeats0430's Rating

Great product ! Currently in the offseason and after 4 weeks of taking this all I can say is my lifts got stronger and I gained 3lbs. I was able to bring my squat up from 405 for 2 rep up to a 445 single. Deadlift shot up from 495 single to 515. And bench press went from 295 single to a 305 1 rep max. All in all, awesome product going to take it again and see what another 4 weeks on it does. I recommend it to anyone looking to gain lean muscle and boost their strength.

ericr10's Rating

I love muscletech products but this product didn’t seem to do much for me. As I already have a lot of energy throughout the day. I’m in my early twenties. My guess would be that is why is didn’t see much of a difference.

bri88col's Rating

Best test booster on the market..cutting edge formulation ..I noticed increased libido immediately

HJCates's Rating

I didn’t see too many changes after I started taking Alpha Test but I think it’s because I’m young enough that my Testosterone levels haven’t changed much. I did notice after a week or so that my fingernails had strengthened which would correlate to stronger bones I guess

sergioe95's Rating

I would recommend this to my gym buddies, It gave me that extra boost that I need to get some more reps. Defenetly worth the money

louisconde77's Rating

This is my first time ever trying booster like this, and I honestly love it! It has taken my workouts to the next level and I have felt more engaged throughout my whole day now!

hitzpatz's Rating

This has been a great addition to my supplements. I want to build lean muscle mass and this product has been huge help, especially with gym. I immediately felt pump for workouts and increase in energy and endurance. It took about two weeks for visible results. Definitely give this a try if you want to take your workouts and fitness to next level.

thrill3r's Rating

I am really enjoying this product a lot! First time I tried this it was right before a workout and after warmups I just felt so much more pumped for the session and energetic than usual. Also I have not experienced any stomach issues when taking this product and I have taken it very close to an empty stomach. AND! I have noticed a difference in strength levels going up, as well as feeling more pumped to train. I haven't been on a pre-workout lately so this making me just wanna slam some weights around makes me really excited!

evanmiller67's Rating

MuscleTech is onto something with their Pro Series Alpha Test. Proven ingredients dosed potently enough to make a difference. No better natural way to see some changes!

bbutler187's Rating

Alpha Test is a solid product. I've used this for one month and noticed lean mass gains and strength. With any supplement though, you have to follow a great diet and workout. This is no magic pill. You have to put in the work to get results. If both are in check, then you will get results.

DMcVean's Rating

You can try a free testosterone booster from

golferboy4's Rating

I have been noticing lower test levels lately so tried this product out to try and fix it naturally. works great and gives good pumps

bjwplott's Rating

This product is amazing.

psal15's Rating

Great pump!! This product delivered and I felt better throughout the day. I had not adverse side effects during the day or during my workouts. Being in my 30s I have not felt a decrease in performance but I did get a boost and did overall respond well in taking this product!

Stones4ever2008's Rating

This test booster is excellent. This is my second time using this and it gives me great strength and helps in the bedroom as well. I would highly recommend giving this a try.

boziadam's Rating

Great product. Gives me a little extra energy boost throughout the day which i love!

kingordan's Rating

i have this product. can anyone tell me if it is soing well we taking HMB ??

Travtheanimal's Rating

First off, great value. There is no downside to this product because it gives you exactly what it says it is going to give you. Felt a slight edge in the gym and better overall energy through the day

CalebBoudreau's Rating

I like the extra boost of energy i feel throughout the day, as they can get long due to school, work, and the gym. Noticed a slight increase in strength taking the full dose about two weeks in.

brandon1224's Rating

A necessity to add to your supplement stack. Whether you're cutting or bulking if you want to build lean muscle this product will not disappoint. I noticed results the first week of using this, from decreased belly fat to bigger biceps. You will have more energy during your workouts and get amazing pumps.

1-20 of 168 Reviews