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I received a dozen of these gems as part of the team. At first, the flavor received caught my attention. Aside from being a "vanilla" guy, I love C&C. Second, I went right to the Nutritional Info on the side to scan the protein and sugar and once I saw both (especially the very sugar content) I was ready to dig in. Due to my own self-imposed dietary restrictions I've been on a steady diet of 1/3 to 1/2 of any bar-form food I consume. This includes granola bars, protein bars, fiber bars and the like. Yeah, that crashed quick when I consumed half of the Crunch bar and started eyeing the other half that I was ready to wrap and put in the fridge for later. While I greatly appreciate the clean protein line and what it contains the fiber content specifically on the Crunch series fits right in with my lifestyle and allows me to indulge in other fiber-rich foods I frequently consume without exceeding the 100% DV and introducing that uncomfortable bloated feeling. Everyone is different and poses different needs, the Crunch bar is my clean protein with added benefits as a bonus for me. A few of these accompanied me on a recent trip where a fair amount of inner-city walking was involved for extended periods of time. I consumed a whole bar at each of my designated meal times to accompany a 30g protein shake and I didn't feel as though I was needing more food to supplement that. Each one was rewarding enough that while these aren't seen as meal replacement they did just that for me and you can now consider me a regular and ready to restock. As a final treat to myself since I experiment alot, be it extracts or items labeled "NSA" added to my unflavored protein shakes, I took half of one of my remaining bars the other night blended it with a french vanilla isolate protein and the resulting shake is a definite repeat, so much so that my restock of these bars will be the other flavors and more experimenting. Thank you, MuscleTech *April 2017 Update: I can't deny joining the rest on Birthday Cake. It's easily one flavor that if you try to "portion" the bar out you'll lose, quickly.

Apr 21, 2017 |