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cclint1982's Rating

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jjjoudah156's Rating

Solid profile of ingredients and doesnt give me a jittery, crashing feeling. Good fat burner.

tequilawilly's Rating

I received this product from MuscleTech to try out. If you are sensitive to stimulant products, make sure you follow the initial dosing directions on the product. Normally I am sensitive to products but I was not for this. This product provided a good boost of energy and helped control hunger. On workout days, I only took one serving as my pre-workout has stimulants in it as well. I would recommend this product for individuals needing assistance with hunger cravings and or energy boost from a weight loss product.

XfuturedocX's Rating

works GREAT with a healthy lifestyle. I have seen amazing results

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Always bare in mind that we're talking about a fat burning SUPPLEMENT here. By taking one cap before breakfast and one after workout i can feel the extra focus and energy it gives comparing to the other days that i didnt take it.

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Styven15's Rating

Amazing list of weight results doesn't even get me over jittery

gferguson37's Rating

Hands down the best metabolic fat burner I have ever tested, and didn't know how they would improve on the original hydroxycut. I have cycled this Next Gen a couple of times and I can tell a significant difference within a couple of days, just by the amount of sweat and internal body temperature increases within thirty minutes or so of ingesting! I am dedicated to MuscleTech's hydroxycut next gen and if they can improve on this formula then WOW only comes to mind. Hardcore Next Gen is the bees knees of thermo/fat burners, because it's one of only a few that I can feel the intensity within 30 minutes of ingesting. I take my dosage on an empty stomach and about thirty minutes before my Cardio/Weightlifting routine, which might not work for some but I feel it's given me the best results. You can definitely develop a tolerance so I would say once you get to a certain point then cycle off for a few weeks and let the training shed the rest of the weight off.

Nate24body's Rating

This is certainly a good fat burner. I like that the side effects are very minimal if any. I can tell a significant difference between this one and the competition and it seems the competition always leaves me feeling sick, but not with this. I would recommend this one!

Woodman335's Rating

This product lives up to it's promises. The only draw back I had is that it also hightens your mood. Since I have a stressful job and I am in the management field I had to discontinue using this product. I used it for two weeks and I truly noyiced a difference in the energy and focus levels

Have been using this product for 3 weeks now and have noticed a dramatic increase in my focus,energy,and ability to control my appetite. No stomach issues with this at all and have actually lost a few pounds of fat as well. Solid product from hydroxycut, highly recommended!!

shebecat01's Rating

definitely gets my energy up without the jitters.

This product is definitely effective and strong. Great for controlling your appetite and giving you some extra energy. I have noticed a boost in my energy level and a loss in appetite. Of course you have to get up and move around and do some exercise to really burn fat. Hydroxycut Hardcore Next Gen has the ingredients that will make you want to do that. It is great for controlling your appetite and giving you extra energy to push through workouts. Muscle Tech has packed this with proven ingredients to burn fat and I would recommend this product to any one serious about shedding some weight.

Christinaussia's Rating

It made me feel jittery & like I had heartburn. I didn't like it at all.

BenUSSSA's Rating

Very powerful - I jumped too soon from 1 to 2 pills per serving to soon - Definitely works! - Be sure to follow directions and assess tolerance slowly. This product goes a long Way! ***Update*** This product is still having a huge effect on appetite, energy, and metabolism. I still have to jump back and forth from 1 to 2 pills depending on what activity or exercise program follows after meals. AAAA+++++

Great product at an even better price! Appetite suppression and energy levels were off the charts! No jitters!! Lost a few stubborn pounds while maintaining a good diet and hard work. If your looking for a product to aid in weight loss that will cover all aspects of managing weight you found it!

Natehoupt's Rating

If you are looking to cut down, this is a great supplement to do so!

BAILEYJB17's Rating

The last hydroxycut i use was the black and this new hardcore i like just as much as black they both suppress my eating habits not that i like to pig out but i like to eat whatever i want and i only eat to grow. One of the most important things i like is that it does not give me any jitters and that a deal breaker for me anything with to much caffeine. When i finish the bottle i can see me buying more and also recommending it to any of my boys at the gym

deemcadoo's Rating

This product is definitely effective and strong. I have taken several different fat burners in the past and didn't notice much change in my physique. But while trying out this product, I have noticed a boost in my energy levels, a loss in appetite & a loss in my body fat. The pills are easy to take everyday and go down well. I'd definitely recommend this product to anyone looking to loss some weight & get rid of stubborn body fat.

kustominc's Rating

I actually use this product as a preworkout out. I take a pill just before my workout and the boost in metabolism gives me a boost of energy just like a preworkout.

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