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Designed To Maximize Energy Along With A Sensory Experience You Can Feel*

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*September 2016 Initial Review (3 Cycles Worth of Use)* I received this as part of the team. Strangely enough when received the supplement cycle I was on was wrapping up its 2 month span and the next was beginning, HC Black was slated to be part of it. I experienced some very positive results from my previous cycle using Black. My strict diet, willpower and ensuring I was hydrated made Black a success with me a few months back. Now that I've entered this new cycle with Black part of the stack "we can only go higher". A few of the pluses for me were the lack of feeling "anxious" and jittery. A few cycles where Black wasn't part of the stack I felt pretty beat and needing a nap by 6pm but I didn't get that from Black, it meshed really well with everything else I paired it up with. The packaging was very attractive and the info/ingredients were very clear. The add bonus to round it all out is the price and that price per serving, not too low for me to question it and not to high to drive me away. Get it. Use it. Practice patience. Stick to a regiment. Results incoming. *January 2017 Update* I just finished a Hardcore Next Gen cycle and immediately put Black as the main component in this (in-progress) cycle (started December 28th officially), this will now be cycle #4 where Black was included and I still have ZERO complaints. Small changes to my external routines have yielded some similarly gauged results and I'm in full swing "back in Black".

Jan 13, 2017 |