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hybank123's Rating

To quote right form the write up on this supplement "if a zinc and magnesium product does not specifically list zinc mono-L-methionine and instead list zinc Monomethionine, don"t bother with it." Curiously the ingredients listed on the back of Z-JYM list zinc as ( Zinc Monomethionine and Zinc Aspartate). Is this an honesty mistake or should we follow his advice and not bother with it. very confused. Zman

Adamsherry's Rating

My sleep really seems more prevalent since taking

edutz1014's Rating

I love the JYM supplement line. I had a weird side effect to this product of early morning headaches. I took this product for roughly a week before I stopped and my headaches stopped as well. This is an excellent product, I think my body just did not like the dosage for some odd reason. I have been very impressed with all of the JYM supplements I have taken so far.

captain99's Rating

Great natural product. JYM makes the best supps

JasonA829's Rating

Just started getting back into shape after about 6 years. First time using this product, and along with my workout, noticed results within a few days.

Sorgedb's Rating

Works as advertised. I have not experienced any of the negatives that others have commented on.

slop123's Rating

Does what is should do it works

InfernoN7's Rating

Have they mixed the pills or smth with this one feels like a fat burner instead a sleep support it got me stimulus effects. Also Just an mfg date instead an exp proper date Took one instead of 3 to try it Well.. horrible sleep pattern actually kept me awake and stimulus like i had a mild pre and got up more tired with horrible dry mouth felt like i was out clubbing with next day hangover this product is way behind than other zma products ive tried. The fact alone it has only an mfg date is suspicious enough to never take it again.

nefana's Rating

First off, its important to state that just because you don't feel anything does not mean that nothing is happening. There were no negative side effects for sure, but there was no noticeable differences that I can tell after now a month taking the product. It was worth trying to see and I did pair it with the alpha jym as instructed.

MattyS65's Rating

This is the only ZMA I use. Having Bioperine as an added ingredient for better absorption puts this above the others. I sleep deep giving me less needed sleeping hrs which is great when your up at 430 in the morning to hit the gym. The ZMA is a must to have

LesHolmes's Rating

LesHolmes did not leave a written review for this product.

crayos44's Rating

Absolutely love JYM ZMA! I'm not a huge man I stand 5'-8" , 173 lbs. I started out with two pills at bedtime, within a couple nights I started having extremely vivid dreams. I don't remember the last time I had an actual dream before starting this product. I decided to cut back to one pill a couple hours before bedtime, has worked out perfect for me. Definitely recommend this product 100%!! I ve stacked it with JYM ALPHA , VITA JYM, recently added JYM SHRED. JYM products are the best!

Zakkowylde's Rating

Best ZMA , highly recommend

dmocheniat's Rating

Most of us don't get enough minerals from our diet. This product provides convenient way of making sure we are getting enough of these must have ingredients and that alone makes me sleep better at night.

andvarievann's Rating

andvarievann did not leave a written review for this product.

MajidJamil's Rating

must be used together with vita jym for better effectivity .

Djwoods23's Rating

I didn't notice any change in my sleep. Not a deeper sleep, didn't get me through the night. My sleep pattern stayed the same.

ErevisRiven's Rating

It's a good product and I felt rested after every use but could never reach that "deep sleep" like I did when taking ON or Animal ZMA's. If you don't require a lot of sleep to function then this product will be perfect for you

cincybranr's Rating

Very different ZMA experience than Optimum Nutrition ZMA which is still my favorite. The Jym ZMA seemed to work and I always slept great on it. I woke up feeling clean and clear headed, but I never got that deep sleep like I did on Optimums.

Oblivion2500's Rating

Best ZMA supplement on the market. It contains Vitamin B6, Magnesium, and Zinc mixed with some black pepper extract for better absorption. When I started taking these, I noticed better sleep quality as well as slightly better performance at the gym. I wouldn't say it's a requirement to have this supplement but it goes well with Vita Jym. Only problem I have with this supplement is that you have to take 3 pills instead of one. It's also kind of expensive.

1-20 of 310 Reviews