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Cltabarangao's Rating

Cltabarangao did not leave a written review for this product.

SwoltronPrime's Rating

Best Omega profile I've found for any fish oil and the price is amazing. Jym products I believe are setting a trend for legitimate quality products in the supplement industry.

samh718's Rating

Haven't taken the product long enough but based on the ingredients it's wat I'm looking for in fish oil but WTF!!!! the Fish burps taste horrible!!!!! anyone have advice on this

tcassano87's Rating

By far the best omega/fish oil pill I've taken. First one that has had an actual effect on my joints. Noticeable difference in some of my injured areas after only a few weeks of consistently taking them!

RDH2o's Rating

I trust this Fish oil over all others. I take 2 with a light breakfast and 2 with lunch after my workout and if the science is correct they are aiding my well-being. Very active, busy lifestyle and i need to be sharp. Have not had any issues with taste or smell. Perfect!

wizard971's Rating

Great product works as described.

jarodrig70's Rating

jarodrig70 did not leave a written review for this product.

ProBurkey's Rating

Can this not be shipped to the uk?

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azlum's Rating

It's probably the best available... but it was completely unavailable for 4+ months straight. Now, 5 days after I finally give in and order a 2month supply of a different brand, it's finally back in stock. Great. I guess I can try it again in 2 months.... if it's still available at that point.

zhengcorp's Rating

does the job. dunno how anyone without a lab can accurately rate things like fish oil.

lgo210's Rating

I am unable to review, but wish I could. I ordered this product and because of backorder I am still waiting......about 3 weeks later. Hopefully when it does arrive I can review.

dubj18099206's Rating

dubj18099206 did not leave a written review for this product.

Neo_fux's Rating

Excellent Product. Best fish oil on the market. I had a liver Function Test after 3 months on Omega Jym and my liver enzymes have better levels now. And the amount of energy i have to work out now is amazing.

dustinmoorman's Rating

I disagree with those who say they can't feel if this works, those folks just don't know what to pay attention to in order to feel the results. In my training my joints suffer a lot of abuse. Was taking the GNC fish oil before, and that helped but still felt a bit of joint pain getting through rigorous exercise. Been taking this fish oil twice a day for about a month now and it's about twice as effective as the GNC product. Feeling the stress in my elbows for things like skull crushers & etc, but not nearly as severe as it was before, and zero pain in the joints the day following the training. Good work Jym, might try some other products but at this point I feel confident in this one for DHA/Omega 3.

jsairman's Rating

I've been working out without using fish oil and now that I've been using it, I have lost around 7lbs within the first month. I don't know if it's directly related with this product but these are the results that I got.

bigt120588's Rating

You can't really tell if this product really works. But, I haven't had any bad side effects.

Demoscharal1's Rating

Demoscharal1 did not leave a written review for this product.

krebstastic's Rating

krebstastic did not leave a written review for this product.

erickim1307's Rating

erickim1307 did not leave a written review for this product.

Aemvzl's Rating

There is really no way to know or see if this really works! But I can say that I have not seen or felt anything bad or uncomfortable ..... I know that Jym is a sincere and honest line and so I consume and recommend it.

1-20 of 284 Reviews