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Adamsherry's Rating

This a great shaker. I have many shakers from years of collecting them. I will only buy JYM's equipment from now on Jim knows quality !!!!!!

xtreamist9's Rating

This is your everyday blender bottle. It gets the job done. I am waiting to see how the lid holds up as nearly every other bottle i have owned, probably as many as 15 bottles, have all cracked under neath where the flap pivots. Lets hope this doesn't end up like every other bottle.

kellybrincks's Rating

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Good quality, does the job.

KBoss302's Rating

This thing is HIGH QUALITY. I've had a ton of shaker bottles in the past. Most have had flimsy tops made from cheap plastic and lids/caps that would pop open if you didn't keep your finger on it tight when shaking. ****** me off when my protein shake got sprayed all of my kitchen! This JYM bottle, however, just feels like it is put together so much better. The plastic feels like it is very high quality. And the lid snaps VERY firmly into place. The lid even has a solid amount of resistance to it as you move it back and forth so it doesn't flop down and rest on your nose while you're drinking your shake. It's stays right where you put it. One little thing I really like is the finger handle on the back of the lid. And there's a soft peace of rubber on it too so the weight of the bottle (and contents) isn't digging into your finger. Makes it very easy to carry around instead of having to bear-paw the thing like other shaker cups. Plus, you get some nice ml/ounce markers on the side for easy measuring, a high quality Blender Ball, and the sides have a good comfort grip so the bottle doesn't go flying out of your hand when you're shaking it up. Very impressed with this shaker cup.

superhuman67's Rating

This is a good blender bottle and I like the fact that it's BPA Free and it mixes up protein shakes very well BUT when you close the spout you must make sure you hear a loud snapping noise cause when you close and hear the click that doesn't mean it's sealed. The first time using it I heard the click and thought it was closed but once I started shaking it liquid started coming out so I figured I got a bad shaker but then I pressed really hard on the spout cover and heard the loud snap and then I continued shaking and the liquid no longer leaked out so then I knew I had to really press down hard until the loud snap was heard so that I knew the top was completely sealed. Overall a good shaker but you can't be weak if you have this one cause you really need to squeeze down the spout cap really hard to make sure it's sealed.

soulsergeant's Rating

These bottles are excellent! I love the carry handle Most of all.

amooore77's Rating

Broken in the top of the Blender Bottle !! Thank bodybuilding Respectable site ,Cares about customers. I am very happy with the speed of their response and help me.. 10/10

highlakes3's Rating

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henrynewyork20's Rating

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Chuckdog11's Rating

Basically the bottle tops came apart at the seem. A couple were replaced as I was told a defective batch went out, but if I'm going to rate it, that was my experience. Other than that it operated as expected, just does not feel durable.

gkiss1967's Rating

There great I have five of them total. My son and I use them daily. You get your money's worth plus I'm backing the brand that I love and it's all I use..#JYMARMY..😁

rjmorgmd3's Rating

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rubengtz's Rating

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timage03's Rating

Great bottle. Perfect size. I use it everyday. Need three more!

Great design, keeps everything shook up! Blends my protein evenly, no clumps. I've got three of these

Excellent product, and the best part it was free with my purchase!

WalkerRngr2015's Rating

Amazing Bottle! Great design from the always great brand, Blender Bottle. Holds 20-22oz. Great for my pre and post workout drinks and just to fill with water during workout. I recommend!

markad67's Rating

Loved the bottle.

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