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Purchased a 6 meal Limited Edition blackout bag using Amazon checkout on the Isobags website. BTW that's a really cool feature, wish more sites would utilize Amazon checkout. The bag was chosen over the 6pack bag since those had more negative reviews. However, neither bag had reviews to discussing how cold the bag got and I wanted to make sure the IsoBag could indeed keep foods cold compared to the video Isobag has on their site (under resources>video). It's claiming to keep foods at 32-33 degrees. I first used an old home thermostat. My home was already at 68 degrees however I could not get the internal bag temp below 50 using the designated slots and the three ice packs included. So I went out and purchased a small fridge thermometer to keep in my bag for peace of mind. Here are the test results I conducted. 1. Using Home thermostat and 3 included ice packs in its designated slots - Lowest temp 50 degrees 2. Using thermometer (Ice packs on the left side pocket, bottom and right side pocket) I could get about 42 degrees which is still unsafe. 3. Using thermometer (Ice packs on left side pocket, bottom and center pocket) I was able to hit a safe zone in temps 34 degrees but keep in mind I had to surround the tray section with the ice blocks. (I feel Isobags need to supply more ice packs as 3 are not enough, 5 should be sufficient to hit the safe zone. I may need to purchase more ice packs to keep the other side cool.

This is exactly what I was looking for. I am able to keep four meals with me(six if you count the fruit I store in one of the insulated drink holders), my protien shake and water bottle(s). I normally work 10 hour days and am able to keep my food at my desk without fail. I usually drop the bag in the freezer at night, so it starts out cold, add the bricks and voilà, pefect all day temp. IF there happen to be leftovers, they are always cold when I come home at night. The bag is well made and slim enough as not to be a pain to carry. Matching my gym bag is just a plus. This is, by far, one of my best investments.

It's perfect. I use it everyday at work. No issuse.

This bag is exactly what I was looking for to carry my meals every day plus I can fit 2 shakers in the side.

1-5 of 5 Reviews