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neo2070's Rating

Great stim-free pre-workout product. I received a bottle of iSatori Morph as part of a promotion. I took 6 tablets 30 minutes before the day's workout and was impressed by the amount of clean energy these tablets gave me during the day's workout. I was more focused and had enough long lasting energy to last me through my workout which usually lasts for about an hour but the energy lasted beyond my workout (like up to 90 minutes), with no jitters or trouble sleeping at night which tends to happen if you take a stimulant based pre-workout within 4-6 hours before sleep. I did not notice much vascularity as others claim to have had while using this product.

Helcaraxe's Rating

One of the best non-stim PWO in the market hands down! I have been using stims for a long time before starting to use Morph and I was always into that stim feeling due to high caffeine amounts but one thing I noticed recently that pumps were pretty much non existant besides the high amounts of energy. Since I am over 200lbs and 6'7 as the dosage suggested I took 6 pills 30 minutes before each of my workouts and for the last month. I have experienced pumps and focus that I never received with any full of stim pre-workout. Obviously, I had to rely on my natural energy levels but since I have been eating healthy and getting good amounts of sleep, energy wasn't a big issue. Pump and Focus that MORPH gives you is the real deal. I definitely had more visible veins throughout my workouts. I had a really solid focus as well. One great fact is also that finally I was able to sleep before midnight. If you are looking to take a break from stims or you need to workout late at night but do not want to stay awake all night...Try Morph and you won't be disappointed; pumps, focus and even increased strength over time( I've had couple of PR's during the usage of MORPH). Definitely a solid product with solid profile. It will be my go-to pwo whenever I will be having a stim-break.

ajej4780's Rating

Morph is a great stim free preworkout. For someone who has to workout late in the evening and still wants to be able to sleep at night this is a great product. Even if you workout during the day its still great. While taking Morph I had great focus and pumps. For a pump product these pills were actually smaller than some others that I have taken so that was a plus. $36 seems like a good price for a months worth of pwo. If you are looking for a stim free pwo I dont think you can go wrong here.

enjoiskating15's Rating

After using this product for about a month I can say I didn't notice much of a difference with my workouts while taking it. I felt like I mostly had an average workout with an above average pump. To really feel any difference in my pump I had to take at least 4 pills before my workout. I didn't notice much of a difference in my recovery time or in my focus during my workout, but if you are looking for a non-stim preworkout that gives you a better pump during your workout this is the one for you.

Getbig831's Rating

This is a nice switch up from the typical stimulant based Pre-Workout. As person who works out late at night, stims do help push me through tough workouts after a long day. With that being said stimulants also can keep me up late at night, which will only hinder results. This provided with me great pumps and vascularity at 3 pills and Insane pumps and vascularity at 6 pills. Another plus was the fact that I could power through my workouts without worrying about having a huge crash before I finish my workout. Would recommended whether your on a stimulant break or stacking with another PWO.

mattriese's Rating

Love this product. I work long hard hours both mentally and physically. The heat and stress I work in is very draining. I hate missing a workout because I'm too tired from work and this is a great help. About a half hour after I get home from work and, about a half hour before my workout, I take MORPH. It really boosts my energy and focus to get through a grueling workout without the caffeine jitters or crash. I highly recommend!

justinmcfarlin's Rating

Awesome product with great 1 week results. Took with other isatori products with a nice pump.

Iowa89's Rating

I took all 6 tablets with water 30 minutes before my back workout (as directed), When I started my workout I felt the energy start to kick in and I felt strong throughout my 1 hour workout! The only downside to this product is swallowing 6 large tablets. I really prefer powdered product mixed with water.

brazilianbadboy's Rating

It's kinda of hard for me to review this product because i was using it stacked with a test booster(ISA TEST), a pre workout (PWR) and Bio Gro. But I can tell 2 things about this product that I noticed when I was taking after my test booster and pre workout was done. 1) Whenever I did not take it I would get tired faster when I was at the gym. For example I would have 3 more exercises to go and I be breathing harder and get tired a lot faster and my mind would just be like "***** this workout, lets just go home." 2) Whenever I did not take it the pump was never the same. Not much longer after I worked out my pump would be gone. And also my veins on forearms wouldn't be popping out as much. I never really had any veins which always made me sad lol, weird i know but everytime I saw other guys at the gym with crazy veins popping I be super jealous, so whenever my veins would pop up I had a big *** a smile in my face. When I did take this the pump would be right away, only after the first 2 sets of my first exercise. It would also last longer after my workout was done. Might be weird to say but even the next day sometimes I would flex and i could feel my chest and arms had a pump going on still. Hey idk if that is all in my head but it was awesome lol.

amy1113's Rating

wow is all i can say,the PUMP and muscle stamina that comes from this product is unsurpassed by anything i have ever taken! Since I started taking MORPH my workouts have gotten longer and longer as the muscle fatigue keeps getting delayed more and more! Morph is a 3 stage pill that has CARNOSTIM-X to delay muscle fatigue,Hydro-Pump for muscle pumps,and finally in the 3 rd stage Prosyntha-RX to help repair muscles and all 3 stages are wonderful so by a bottle or three and give it a try,you WONT be sorry

Big_Sky_Guy's Rating

Pros- A bit of a rush at the front end to kickstart a focused workout. A decent pump with any volume work. Did not run out of energy at the end of the workout. Cons- Large pill size. Solution- cut them in 1/2 if you have difficulty swallowing larger pills.

bcurry985's Rating

I tried Morph when I cycled off of stimulants. While I was taking it I didn't notice it doing anything for me. No extra energy, pump, or focus. I just finished a week without taking Morph and noticed that I was fatiguing faster without it, so at least the beta alanine that's in Morph must help. What I disliked about the product is that it's only available in pill form, so I had to take them as soon as I woke up to give them time to work before I'd get to the gym. I only took 1 serving of Morph at a time, but maybe I would've noticed more from it if I'd have taken 2.

smartmouthone's Rating

a very good non stimulant PWO in my opinion immediate strength gains and long lasting pumps w/o a strong falloff in energy that usually comes from most stim heavy PWO's I definitely recommend

tlema1's Rating

Serving size - 6 pills, 30 minutes before workout My energy level was up throughout the whole workout, and it was leg day!!!! Set a couple of PRs along the way...this energy was not like a PWO, not slap you in the face noticeable, but halfway through my workout I was still going strong, and this was after a 10-hour day. I didn't notice any extra pump, but I did feel a little more focused Overall I really like this product, the only downside is for people who have trouble with pills...6 of them and they're not easy swallowing gel caps, I'm OK with it, but I know some might have an issue Great Job iSatori

nynex200's Rating

This is one of the only supplements I've ever taken that worked exactly as advertised. Before taking it I got the free sample from the Isatori website, and I saw drastic strength gains, huge pumps, and increased energy after the first time taking it. The only negative is I prefer powders to pills, and for some reason Morph overdrive isn't around anymore, also the liquid morph works great but the pills are more cost effective.

JayAche's Rating

Had the opportunity to give this a test run thanks to the reps of iSatori, great product. Loved every second I got to use of it. Great way to take a much needed break from stims. Still had the incredible energy and pump I needed to excel at the gym. Definitely recommend. iSatori products have impressed me BIG TIME.

Ummabeast's Rating

Loved this product, I only had a 7 day trial. But, WOW! This stuff works. I felt focus like no other. My energy was good for a non-stim pre. The pumps were crazy, and the veins bulged out of my arms like I have never seen them do before. I would recommend this to anyone, who is looking for a good non-stim pre. Even stack it with a stimmed pre, and enjoy the ride.

Lifter269's Rating

Really good pre-workout! No unnecessary jitters or any of that! Just pure freaking energy!!! Focus was great too!!!

i_hate_my_job's Rating

Recently tried 7 samples of this courtesy of iSatori. Great stim-free pre workout. Great for late night lifters or those who dont take to stims too well, or anyone else that wants to try it. It changed my opinion on stim-free pre's. It was nice to be able to fall asleep after working out instead of laying in bed for a couple hours staring at the ceiling

karinabe16's Rating

i had the pleasure of trying this out for a little over a week and its now my new favorite preworkout. the strength, power and endurance i had on this product was off the charts and unmatched by other preworkouts thus far. even being non stim my energy was amazing and pr's were broken every workout. focus was intense. i highly recommend this product pump-10 strength-10 energy-9.5 endurance-9.5 focus-10 overall- 9.8

1-20 of 63 Reviews