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Helps Support Normal Hormone Ratios*

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SieraCapesius's Rating

SieraCapesius did not leave a written review for this product.

nicetryjoe's Rating

nicetryjoe did not leave a written review for this product.

distanceforever's Rating

I finished my first bottle this week and gave me amazing results. I am doing a second bottle and then will cycle off for a few months and get back on it later on. For full results take 4 capsules 1 hour before your workout and on non training days just about an hour before you go to sleep. Must take every day! It won't work if you take it whenever you want. In my opinion this product works along the training you do. If you take it and do crappy workouts in my opinion you will not see results. Before the bottle my dumbell bench press was stuck at 110 lbs for 6 reps.. at the end of the bottle I was at 125lbs for 6 reps and 120 for 8 and 130 for 3 reps. Also my lat pull downs went up about 40lbs. It did give me strength, I took this along Hyper Gro, and followed an intense workout program about 3000 calories a day. The sex was also better (longer) No side effects and recommend this product

JohnnyHinojosa's Rating

I can't say I noticed "amazing results" but i will say that I did feel great in the gym while taking this product, so if someone told me they were thinking about it, I would not stop them. I may try it again in the long run. I don't have much negative, just relatively neutral about it.

jcmelton's Rating

Better Recovery, Better Strength, Better Sleep!!! This will help get that extra bit needed when it counts.

jdk01484's Rating

Very noticeable improvements in recovery with GF. The sleep you will have is phenomenal. I consistently had very deep and restful sleep, and felt like I woke up from a dream nearly every morning. Works very well in combination with Isa-Test DA3.

trojannation's Rating

trojannation did not leave a written review for this product.

Aramirezjr's Rating

Ever since starting to take this at night, I have never had a better nights sleep. Even though I only get about 4-5 hours of sleep a night, when I take this is feel like I got 8. You wake up refreshed and energized even on only little sleep.

emmymac009's Rating

Just like all the other test supplements I've tried. Went 8 weeks like it said...nothing.

brazilianbadboy's Rating

Just like Bio Gro, i have used isa test 2x. I didn't do a review the first time because I didn't have the best diet going on, I was either only having 1 meal a day with 2-3 protein shakes or I was eating a bunch of junk. This time, the 2nd time I was doing a somewhat clean bulk. I started on a strict diet with one cheat day in the week but than I got some news and than it was more of a IIFYM type of diet. So before I start the review I gotta say that I was stacking this with Morph, Bio Gro and PWR, doign the Bio Gro Hyper Growth program that iSatori developed.. ok here we go. Changes on my body: While I was doing a clean bulk I noticed that my shorts were getting a bit looser, also noticed my legs were getting bigger and other people told me that my chest, arms and shoulder were getting bigger, but the funny thing was while on isa test for a month and doing the Bio Gro Hyper Growth program I only did shoulders twice for the whole month I thought I would be weak but I had great workouts on those 2 shoulder days. Can't say much for abs cuz like I said after the news I was just eating whatever fit my macros. Hard ons: lol. Yes I gotta talk about this. I would wake up in the middle of the night because of either 1 I had to pee and i had a hard on which made it difficult to pee cuz well when you are half asleep and you got a hard on its hard to pee lmao. 2 I would wake up in the middle of the night when i would try to turn to the other side and i had a hard on and it would hurt cuz i be turning with my stomach down instead of up and my whole body be on top of it lol. 3 i would wake up almost every day with a hard on. 4 I'm already ***** by nature but I would get many random hard ons, specially at the gym... if a girl be exercising in front of me or i be looking for too long at her boom i be pitching a tent. I wish i had a gf while taking Isa Test, she would had loved me even more! lol Strength: this is the hard part. I know a test booster is suppose to give me that extra strength that I now lack because I'm no longer in my teens and have all that strength i used to but i thought that the strenght i got from ISA TEST was not enough for me to say "This was amazing!" Like I mentioned in the beggining I was doing the Hyper Growth program by iSatori that had me increasing the weight on my bench by 5 pounds every week and 10 pounds on my squats every week. I did just that. And after 4 weeks my bench press went from 175 pounds for 6 reps to 195 for 6 reps. Squats went from 245 pounds for 6 reps to 295 pounds for 8 reps. I'll be honest, I didn't believe I could get my squats to 295 pounds for 8 reps and say that I could had gone heavier after a month. I'm happy with my bench going up 20 pounds as well but it wasn't as easy and I struggled every week when i had to add 5 more pounds. This was one of the few times in my life where I went outside of my comfortable zone and said fock it i'm going to increase the weight every week on every exercise. I be bar curling 80 pounds, rowing 185 in the seated cable and doing heavy a$$ pulldowns. So could this increase in my strength and weights be because of Isa Test alone or because I finally decided to push myself harder? I really don't know because I had friends who increased their bench and squat by going a bit heavier every week and only using a multi vitamin and pre workout. So its hard for me to say that I got this strong because of isa test and hard to say that i got this strong because i pushed myself every week, or a combination of both. Either way I'm happy! how could I not be? I always wanted to get my squats to 300 pounds and now I'm here! I plan on using Isa Test again. YES for at least 8 weeks and using Isa Test alone with only a multi vitamin and maybe a pre workout every once in a while. This will only happen next year but I will update this when I run it again.

DatdereCT's Rating

Not my most favorite product.. Arguable not worth the results or lack there of for the price to be paid for it in my honest opinion. Easy to take, and the 'manly' effects are noticeable though. 6.5/10

nexgensupps's Rating

! I have to say that the results have been great! Two months ago was pushing about 1 to 2 reps at 315 on bench. Now pushing out 4 reps at 345. Same with incline. Been topping out at 225 .. hit 245 first set for five last week. List goes on. The muscles have felt full. They feel nice and dense, and well this is a product well worth the investment and time. However...yes there is a but! Do not stack alone and you need to run a full 8 weeks and take 4 weeks off. For me my stack was iSa-Test, Bio-Gro, and creatine. The last 20 days of just combining the iSa-Test and Bio-Gro have been phenomenal. As we all know, well those that are trying to add more mass and even those that are trying to lose and add muscle, the key is getting a great work out in. Not only that but also pushing yourself to grow. By using these two I was able to push myself harder and recover faster. Again a great thank you for the opportunity to log a great product! iSatori has a great team with a great product. And in my other log I said this...It is great to see an active CEO/Owner be involved and taking note of what people are saying about the products they are designing!

35memo's Rating

I logged a bottle of Isa-Test which ran for roughly 4 weeks. In those 4 weeks, I saw an increase in weight for all my lifts. i was also able to get over plateaus for my bench, press, and curls. I was also able to achieve PR's for squat, rows, shrugs, skulls, CGBP, press, and curls. Another great effect was the quality of sleep i was able to get. Long, deep sleep throughout the month. The extra aggression in the bedroom was also noticeable. I will definitely recommend to anyone who asks about a test booster.

jaredmus's Rating

This product is put together by a good team at Isatori, I have been impressed with a lot of their products! This is no different, this product I took at 4 caps for about 2 weeks, and noticed an increase in sleep quality and when taking it at 5 caps sleep was even a little bit bettter, but when increased to 6 I was knocked out can sleep through anything woke up feeling refreshed. This was the biggest thing I noticed with this, I feel like with long term use on this sleep, recovery and strength will go up! Another good product from the isatori line

RonPaul2012's Rating

Cuts have definitely came through and within the first few days of taking this the libido effect was quite obvious. Strength also improved found myself adding weight to what I've done previously and doing more reps. I was cutting while on this and I have not lost strength that's for sure.

Marcellus28's Rating

in my opinion its the first test booster Ive used and its the only one I will use. After all it works and the directions are simple, the ingredients arent mumbo jumbo. I stick with what works

rage9's Rating

Ive been taking this supplement for approx 4weeks. Ive noticed a slight difference in aggression, and im sure theres a rise in libido but im currently deployed so I dont really get a chance to excercise the libido thing. overall im pleased with the product. not the best review, but its my first. "long story short though" id recommend to anyone that wants to block estrogen and improve natural test

thefaulkstas's Rating

This is great does everything it's said it would with one use you will feel it working I took it 8 weeks gained 25 lbs with it well I stack with beef lsoilates carnivor and creatine decanter that all No pre work out used isa.test for that never used on off day just training days now these results probably have a lot to do with the fact I'm former pro fighter and before injury I was already about 205 lean but with just those supplements and proper diet with progressive overload training in less then 12 weeks I went from 185 to 215

Alpha Wolf's Rating

Just being straight forward and honest. No results, no difference, nothing. Save your money, buy Universal's Tribulus; a third of the price and it works better.

rnrice20's Rating

Taste: None existent unless you don't use enough water to wash it down. Then it has a horrible aftertaste. Performance: Maxes increased 25-45 pounds on my 4 major lifts. Great focus during workouts. Weight changed from 185-195 but no increase in BF%. Other: Libido went through the roof. My mornings were more "interesting" than before using Isa-test since I was a teenager. I definitely recommend using Isa-Test.

1-20 of 62 Reviews