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Zmeister's Rating

The only PWO you will ever need. I usually stay clear from PWO's that contain stimulants but this one contains the perfect amount and there are no undesirable effects. Others say you can stack this for more of a boost but I don't really think there's a need although it does stack well with ANS Dilate. The fruit punch flavour is amazing and it gets a 10/10 from me. The pump and the energy is spot on. It is great value for money and contains 60 servings and even contains creatine. I currently doing a PPL programme and my pull workouts are immense after taking this. Many thanks Iforce for such a great product!

jnutzz's Rating

I had yet to find a pw product since all of the 1,3 products had been pulled that gave me intense focus and smooth energy until now. I had tried C4, No-Xplode 2.0, No Bull and numerous other samples of pwo's and all they gave me was jittereness and headaches. This product however gave me a big kick in both energy and focus, along with massive pumps. Another plus was that it does not give me a crash like other highly caffeinated pwo's. Other iforce products I have tried (Reversitol, Maximize Intense, Tribulus and Maximize V2) have all been great products. Highly recommended.

jimmyhaz77's Rating

I used to take maximize intense and switched to another product. Conquer came out I had to give it a try. Based off of 1 1/2 scoops. I don't like to rate taste because people who do ain't old school when everything tasted like ****. But for all of you that require taste it gets a 9/10. It mixed very well,no issues whatsoever,so that gets a 10/10. Energy/endurance/focus,they all was there,not to much,to me it was just right. I felt like I was on cloud 9 even 2 hours after I blasted through my workout so that gets a easy 9/10. Now the pump LOL. I really can't judge it off of conquer since I also take hemavol,agmatine sulfate and potassium nitrate. I would rate my pump 20/10 LOL,pumps are sick for me.

tazman5518's Rating

Solid pre-workout! I would definitely recommend giving it a try. pumps were solid. the energy was a clean energy that just made you feel focused and not jittery. The flavor was pretty good for a pre-workout. Stack it with Hemavol for amazing pumps in the gym!

sleepwalker918's Rating

I started with c4 extreme, it is a great product. I bought and instantly regretted Muscletechs pre-workout, it kills your stomach and taste like sugar ladden artificial sweetener(I am actually a fan of their products just not their pre-workout) and I had been having good luck with Hemavol by I-Force so i thought id try Conquer. Well it has become my go to pre-workout. Im not a fruit punch guy but it taste good mixes easily and you get more than the 60 servings the jar says it contains. The reason I prefer this to C4 is to me the power rush is more streamlined yet stronger at the same time. I dont tank after an hour and Im not instantly cracked out but Im ready to move some heavy a$$ weight at the same time. It contains synephrine which to me was a plus because I'll take any fatburning help i can get. Im in the gym at least 6 days a week and run 4 miles EOD, I am 6'3" 245lbs and I have not upped my initial dose (1 scoop) and still get the same power after 1 1/2 jars of it. Cost to serving to power this is very difficult to beat in my opinion. Good luck in your fitness journey.

FsAxis92's Rating

Great focus endurance and intensity. wonderful stacked with Hemavol.

ldneal's Rating

I have taken lots of different pre-workout supplements. Nano-Vapor both the old and the new formulation, N.O. X-Plode the old forumulation, C4 Extreme, and Invincible. I have also taken other I-Force Nutrition products in the past, Hemavol and Compete. I bought this product expecting the same results as other I-Force products which were great results. However, this product is very weak, I need to take at least two scoops to feel much of anything during my workout. I've seen other reviews stating to mix it with Hemavol, which may work. However the product alone is not a very good pre-workout supplement.

jham91pack's Rating

This was suppose to replace I forces COMPETE . Wow what a disappointment . Taste just like cough syrup ,you'll need to take at least 2 scoops for any real effect. It will give you that tunnel vision effect if that's what your after I admit. I still use their HEMAVOL as one part of my stack If your gonna try something new give RSP fast fuel a try it will have that same taste but **** this stuff works.

snakeplisken83's Rating

snakeplisken83 did not leave a written review for this product.

gangstamuzik's Rating

The preworkout got me focused and gave me more endurance. However, that was all it did. There were no extra pumps, or extra strength.. The taste is hyped, it tastes like cough medicine which is disgusting imo.

AttyDaddy's Rating

This preworkout was good at first. I took it for maybe 5 days in a row before things went downhill. I started having chest pains and headaches immediately after use. I thought my water intake was too low so I increased it and gave it one more chance. I had the worst headache I have ever had in my entire life after my workout. Water did not matter. For some i'm sure it is great, but for me, well, I will never use this again. This preworkout has scared me off from stimulants.

dontcut's Rating

Taste is great for pre-workout. Great for focus and energy.

dk5bdubs's Rating

This was one of the BEST pre-workouts I have ever used. I used 2 scoops about 40 minutes before my first working set and after about 20 minutes, you could definitely feel this stuff kick in. The energy lasted me all day long and I never had any mid-workout or post-workout crashes. Great pumps, increased stamina, and slight gains in the weights I was able to use while going through a container of this supplement. Highly recommended!!

ming93's Rating

Everything is there. Focus, power, endurance yet the taste is so hyped. Have no idea how people give 10/10 for taste. Taste is pretty yucky, well the preworkout is great but I wish people don't get misleading info and know that it will have a really really bad acacia taste.

YellowMamba91's Rating

No cracked out feeling, no distracting tingles, just razor sharp focus to go with some solid energy levels and pumps. Taste is consistent with other iForce products (and is really good!), making it great for mixing with Hemavol especially.

mccouch's Rating

I really enjoyed this product. Brand new from Iforce.. Mental focus from the Acaia + the pumps from Agmatine make for one solid PWO..Drink water w/ this. I noticed a work up a little sweat if I take this even w/o lifting..

JTRock75's Rating

Quality Product, tried them all so far Wflood, Assault, Juggernaut, Craze(Utter Garbage) Etc. This one has clean energy and stacks well with Hemavol

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