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opalmerin's Rating

IT leaks and it doesn't dissolve properly.

martinezalberto's Rating

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It leaks, its hard to keep the protein on its side

I wouldn't recommend buying this product. 1) You don't have the option of drinking JUST water if you have protein in the protein compartment. 2) It leaks like CRAZY. Maybe it's just the 2 that I got, but I would not recommend this even if it was free. I was hoping that this would be a cheaper version of the Umoro Bottle but I was so wrong. I have to carry either 2 bottles OR I would have to unscrew the whole top to drink JUST the water. Most inconvenient bottle ever purchased.

The idea is good, but it's God **** leaking! Definitely NOT worth the price.

fireball8's Rating

Bottle is a little confusing at first, but I love being able to store powder in the bottle and carry water at the same time. Then I can mix my pre workout later on! The lid leaked at first, but then I realized it just has to 'click' or 'snap' in order for it to be fully closed. No issues or problems at all.

great idea. but the construction is kind of cheap. within a month the threads were broken on the lid.

This shaker is a nice concept, but poor execution. The method to securing the lid but not releasing the powder requires a fine level of precision. Too much one way, the top leaks. Too much the other way and the powder gets wet. Also, the lid spout is not really secure.

JHester12's Rating

One of the worst shakers i have ever purchased. I pulled it out of the box filled it up with water and shook it. Instantly it started leaking around the bottom threads. Not to mention the shaker is not able to be used as just a water bottle if there is anything in the storage area. You are better off just buying a separate container and a bottle that actually works.

1-9 of 9 Reviews