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20 oz. Microwave, Dishwasher And Freezer Safe Shaker With Protein Compartment

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docholliday54's Rating

Mixes well and has plenty of storage space for your protein. Also is easy to clean. Only negative I have found, and it may only be mine but the bottom is not level so the cup doesn't sit straight up.

carlmjs's Rating

What I really like about this shaker: 1) looks awesome 2) "Silent" - It sounds like shaking a bottle of water - no rattling. 3) no problems with clumps 4) extra compartment. I would recommend this to anyone.

Shvfd406's Rating

Shvfd406 did not leave a written review for this product.

Rbsa101's Rating

well unique shaker cup, but with very few errors. First it's surprisingly good at mixing. Ok now for cons. This shaker is a little bulky and has a very wide cap which won't make it easy to ***** on so you'd have to use the top part which a little bothering, but not a big deal. The mix lid get stuck sometimes, but not hard to remove.

jk71103's Rating

This shaker is one of the best I've had in a while, it works great and the looks are outstanding I would definitely recommend this if you do not have one.

punk4christ3x7's Rating

I bought this cup mostly for the looks. I love this cup for the looks plus the function. I haven't had any issues with mixing any supplements. The storage compartment works wonders for when I need to take my protein on the go. Everything is great with this cup.

cmwillis91's Rating

Cup is ok its bulky, the screen gets stuck in the cup, storage could have been broken into 2 parts, lid gets stiff, and finally its annoying if your bothered by the grooves of the gernande design not lining up. Plus side cool design, pill storage is nice and ounces is nice and it mixes good.

MindBlown20's Rating

MindBlown20 did not leave a written review for this product.

middleb's Rating

Awesome design and wonderful eye catcher.

Eason12B's Rating

Great shaker other than lid having to be screwed on so tight to seal.

bohenrique's Rating

The coolest shaker ever! looks like you're holding a grenade, with a good size storage for supps

NoCarbsNoSugar's Rating

I have had this shaker for two weeks now, and have used it with my Hydra6 protein powder, as well as with all my other protein powders. This shaker is the best I have ever had! It is large, sturdy yet light to carry, and it just looks awesome! It has a detachable storage for extra powder and your scoop that you can use multiple times throughout the day, and it even has storage for 4 fatburner pills, right under the lid. Best shaker ever, hands down!

Angellll's Rating

This is a huge shaker! Very wide. Like a small gatorade bottle! Mixes my protein powder well and I can store a few of my supplement caps in the top. Shakers aren't meant to last long. With care, this should last as long as any other plastic shaker.

AaronAX's Rating

This is a great shaker and I really like it. It is well constructed and has a section to store your protein, or whatever you want in.

MRiku88's Rating

I bought 2cup, at least 6 months ago, very nice but they are no well made. Leak proof 0/10 from the first use.

drrickso's Rating

It's a nice wide sturdy bottle... I rarely use the extra compartment.

Neisie21's Rating

I haven't used it yet because I hate screen style shakers and it's an odd shape. Though it is pretty cool looking.

CoachFer613's Rating

CoachFer613 did not leave a written review for this product.

SFF3488's Rating

Looks wise really cool and get a lot of questions, compliments in it. Function wise, I was unaware that it didn't have a wisk ball inside, it has a solid disk at top with holes. So I was not happy with the mixing at all, Stationary screens are horrible for mixing in shaker cups in my experience, never mix well. One of rhe powders I use is the JYM Pro protein powder and the s'more flavor has tiny marshmallows, (delicious by the way and good quality, clean protein) and they can't come through it so anything that isn't smooth is going to clog and make a mess to clean out due to it sticking in holes as soon as powder hits liquid first shake or two. Also have to take screenout to get anything out of cup, and if not around a sink you have a mess in your hands in the middle of the gym or wherever trying to get cup contents out to finish it off. Big storage cup at bottom for powder I liked it they are usually to small, spot for 4 capsules in top section I liked that as well, great idea for design, just bad implementation of design. My opinion, just trash the top stationary mixing screen and put a wisk ball in it from an old shaker cup that has a cracked lid or whatever and be good to go.

Ammaresw's Rating

This shaker is amazing it looks so cool many people liked it and some asked me where did I get it. I didn't have any problems with it. It mixes everything well and I think it's a shaker that will last long with you I see that it's a very high-quality shaker

1-20 of 51 Reviews