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20G Protein, GMO-FREE, GLUTEN-FREE, No Artificial Colors, Flavors or Sweeteners

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French Vanilla Almond
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Cookies and Cream
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
Mint Chocolate Crisp
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Raspberry Chocolate Truffle
Chocolate Peanut Butter
Frosted Cinnamon Roll
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Birthday Cake Batter
Grandma's Lemon Square
Homemade Pumpkin Pie
Chocolate Iced Brownie
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FigureGirl88's Rating
Mint Chocolate Crisp
Grandma's Lemon Square

I loved this bar, I have tried a few of the fitjoys including the pumpkin pie, frosted cinnamon and iced brownie but BY FAR my favorite was the Mint Chocolate Crisp. To me this bar tastes like a soft thin mint cookie. Its heaven, the consistency is very soft - I even had one that I had only ate half and the other half I left sit for a day and when I went back to eat was still soft. I went as far as sticking one whole bar in the freezer ( i also do this with thin mints) and it was amazing. I love the nutrition profile - high fiber, great amount of protein and I find satisfaction in eating them because they taste so good yet are so healthy. ADDITION: OMG ! OMG ! OMGGGG! This protein bar is childhood summer in a pretty yellow wrapper! Lemon Meringue Pie!! This is BY FAR the best lemon meringue pie / lemon square protein bar on the market. It's truly no contest. The lemon flavor is great, so fleshing and on point. Its soft and melts in your mouth.. plus the bar as a slight white chocolate coating. The constancy is great there's no weird after taste and like all their bars high in protein and fiber. This is a true summer staple. Get yours. NOW. You wont be sorry.

Jun 9, 2017 |