Engineered To Support Growth, Strength And A Restful Sleep

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dugan1027's Rating

I was very skeptical about taking this product. I haven't slept well for many years. Z-Matrix helps me sleep deeper throughout the night, allowing me to feel more rested in the morning. Love this product!

mswonger's Rating

I don't take this every night but when I feel I need a little extra recovery I'll take it and it helps me sleep better throughout the night and I wake up feeling refreshed. Definitely worth having.

ztaydasnowman's Rating

This product has kept me from waking in the middle of the night, which has been a huge plus. On top of that, the benefits of waking up more energized and less sore are necessary for my morning workouts. Would highly recommend trying this product out. In my opinion you can't go wrong with EVL products.

nosaj7's Rating

ZMA has always been a part of my bed time ritual because zinc is one of the micronutrients scientifically shown to support testosterone production and protein synthesis yet its a micronutrient many men dont get enough of through their regular diet. The magnesium in Z-Matrix helps me get a solid nights sleep without any waking up in the middle of the night. My dreams while taking Z-Matrix are also very vivid, this may or may not be a good thing for some people. Z-Matrix also has the added Vit D3. Overall, this is another great product from my favorite supp company and one of my staples and I highly recommend it.

leomarti's Rating

I have never had a bad experience with any of EVL's products. I have had restful nights and I feel more recovered when I wake up. The one downside I have seen this that I don't dream much when I take it. Update: I finally got into a daily routine in my workouts, and definitely increased how tired and sore I was at the end of the day. I returned to the Z-matrix and found that I felt well rested in the morning and instead of not having any dreams I start to have some weird dreams. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for something new to try!

tchase84's Rating

I take this every night before bed and this combined with melatonin makes for an amazing, uninterrupted, restful sleep! Recovery is much faster. Also, I've noticed a marked increase in sex drive if that interests you.

MalXPit's Rating

This is a great way to get incredible sleep without any kind of sedative. I co sleep with my son and my daughter and wife all in a king size bed. This helps me reach R.E.M. And have lucid dreams. I absolutely love it. I've even given a bottle to a friend who was having trouble with sleep. He found it to work for him too.

OregonLife's Rating

I have never bought another brand after trying this one. I do add a Vit B supplement but that's aside, lucid dreams, test increased and full loads. What more could you ask for?

satanrx's Rating

This is one of the worst supplements I've ever taken. I've taken zma in the past and had good results but there is something wrong with Evl's. After a few days I started getting headaches. Then the next day I couldn't sleep. I would lay in bed with my eyes closed and my mind would be racing but I couldn't sleep. Walking around with a foggy brain and like a zombie isn't something I'm interested in. I hate these!

PaulCairney's Rating

It says it's not available in the UK... Must be very recent I have two months worth of my previous order left. Please sort this out.

Samhain3's Rating

The best and so much better sleeping just try it for yourself

Trippettd's Rating

Def does what it says. I do sleep a lot better and do wake up feeling more rested. I've actually tested it, nights taking it vs not taking it and I can tell a difference. Harder to get to sleep and quality not as good. Will continue to use.

valerieholt88's Rating

I really enjoy Z-Matrix! I sleep a lot better and wake up feeling refreshed! Definitely helps the recover process.

hammerjdh's Rating

Ever since I've started taking Z-Matrix, I've been waking up feeling more rested than I ever have. I have more energy throughout the day at work and mixed with ENGN, I have some great workouts! Highly recommended!

Gexicom's Rating

Woks great i use and i feel the diference on my sleeping quality and on my recovery, i go to sleep and i wake up with less pain on my body.

guerrillafit's Rating

Amazing! This is definitely an essential for anybody trying to gain muscle or loose fat and tone up! Great product, Highly Recommended!

mitchhunt2's Rating

Bought this product never trying ZMA before but reading quite a bit into it lately and doing a little research at the pros of using a ZMA supplement. I had just tried an EVL product for the first time (Trans4orm) and have been loving it so I decided on EVL to be the brand I try ZMA out for the first time. This stuff is amazing!! I take it right before bed, and I'm out!! This supplement has helped give me some of the best sleep I've gotten in awhile, and not to mention it makes you have some pretty interesting dreams, or at least remember them. That's only half of what I've noticed being on this product, another thing is my recovery times are great. I don't even feel like I did much in the gym the day before. I feel stronger. I'm definitely going to keep buying this from EVL and keep trying more of their products.

gregmsu02's Rating

Great product! This products does what it is designed to do. Helps me sleep well and with recovery. Feel very rested in the morning and ready to go for the day. Highly recommend this product.

mullins7388's Rating

I've tried a few different ZMA products and this one definitely has the most bang for it's buck. I've noticed a better nights rest and wake up feeling refreshed. Would highly recommend to others.

zachpalm's Rating

The product does almost everything you want it to, it helps you feel relaxed and fall asleep and Wheb you fall asleep you don't get woken up as much and feel more rested in the morning. Overall I would recommend this product to a friend.

1-20 of 97 Reviews