Designed To Support Natural Testosterone Levels, Muscular Strength And Stamina!*

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mondodog's Rating

This is a great product. After taking it for only 3 weeks I have more energy and stamina. I've also been sleeping better and have a lot more energy at in the morning. Around this product has been great!

kornegayab's Rating

I immediately noticed a great improvement in my sleep quality and waking up more refreshed. This led to quicker recovery. After several weeks of taking it, I started more energy during my workouts and gains in lifted weight.

brandonevansb's Rating

Best test booster I have tried. I have been using this for the last year as recommended. After taking the cycles, I notice an increase in focus, strength, sleep, et cetera. I give a lot of credit to EVL Test for increasing my overall bench, curls, and breaking through the ceiling. I feel like every workout I am setting a PR and it rocks! Thanks for a great product.

sraja5886's Rating

I received samples of EVL Test. Out of all the test boosters I've tried this is the best. Better sleep and faster recovery. Pus it's SUPER CHEAP. Can't beat the combo. Would recommend to anyone.

DirtyNhawaii's Rating

I been using EVL TEST for 3 months i gained all day energy a better night sleep and a big boost in the gym.

stevef1989's Rating

stevef1989 did not leave a written review for this product.

dynamicronan's Rating

I love this product. I've tried a couple of Testosterone booster for the span of year with break in between to ensure which product that is the best for me. And I believe EVLTEST is really the best among them in terms of effectiveness, convenience and cost. I'm at that age range where my testosterone production is going down hill. I never thought about using Testosterone booster before. However when I tried using it, I felt a big change in terms of my metabolism, stamina and overall health improvement. Among the testosterone booster I tried, EVLTEST provided the most notable change. Also, I love the convenience of taking it. Unlike other testosterone booster, I find the direction of taking EVLTEST just once and no requirement of taking it with food very convenient. Some requires taking it with food since it can really provide stomach irritation. EVLTEST never gave me any tummy problems. Which is a great deal for me. Also, I find it really affordable compared to other products out there. And from time to time, sites like Bodybuilding.com, provides great promo. So it's really a great deal. Also, their customer service is great and they do make sure I got the products I ordered. I highly recommend EVLTEST.

qfkeon's Rating

I bought this to increase my sex drive. It worked for me. Actually I've found that I can use 2 pills instead of the recommended 4 and get a nice boost for a few days. If I take it daily, the effectiveness decreases. I take 2 pills at night every 3rd day and I'm ready to go all day long.

Muradical's Rating

I have noticed I have better more focused and longer workouts while cycling on this. I highly recommend trying if you are in the market for a test booster. It takes about a week for you to notice it's working. Just remember that you need to cycle off after 12 weeks for about a month.

carpma1's Rating

I definitely had a positive experience using the product. I could definitely feel increased vigor and vitality. Oddly enough I also noticed that I slept better than usual while taking it. Give it a shot, you won't regret it.

fieldguy52's Rating

At age 61, I was hoping for some increased energy and body composition changes as I got on T thearapy. After 2 bottles, I didn't see or feel any different even with consistent workouts.

cherio520's Rating

These pills are way too big for me to swallow. Not saying it's not a good product, I just wasted my money on something I can't even use.

Gregwenner3366's Rating

This product is amazing. I have tried other brands with some results but not quite what I had expected. However, After 30 days with EVLTEST, my workout results were more noticeable. Easily more reps on each set, increased weights for each set, and greater pumps. I tried one round with 4 tablets per night but after my first session with them, I took the recommended 30 days off and for the second session increased from 4 to 6 tablets with mindblowing results. Once I take them at night, I am out like a light in less than an hour and ready to get up and workout in the morning.

milhausefish's Rating

I liked a lot how it helped me on my recovery process from one practice to the other, sometimes when overtraining you need some extra micronutrients to keep your testosterone on a regular level. Great product overall

Sarice's Rating

Saw great reviews and had the opportunity to try a free sample of this product. I have had great energy boosts and heavier lifts since using this product. Felt great during the day while using as well. Will recommend to anyone looking for a test booster, and purchase some of my own as well.

cyber20's Rating

Been using it for 3 weeks; first time with a T enhancer, never did roids. I'm 53, soon 54, and my energy level had been going down over the last 6 months. I was barely working out, just 2 times a week instead of 5-6, my standard, and was experiencing all sort of joint pains and inflammatory symptoms. Wow, I feel rejuvenated, I feel energized the moment I wake up, I've been working out 5-6 times a week full tilt and I'm stronger than ever. I've been using this product with Mucana extract and Trib X.

Aarontc5103's Rating

EVL has done it again! EVL Test takes it to the next level and intensifies your gains. All while making you feel recharged after waking up.

smilez21's Rating

Great product get a great nights sleep and have all this energy for the gym the next morning have seen alot of improvement.

rundmar8's Rating

This product was great. It is a natural hormone booster and seemed to have done a nice job. The product had no after taste and no adverse side effects. Just take the recommended dosage each night before bed. This product allowed me to gain some muscle density and lose some fat tissue. I would recommend this product and will get it again!

Toarii27's Rating

I've been taking this for about 2 months now and I've never taken any test booster before. I noticed a little improvement in my overall physical activity level, well being, a little increase in strength and better recovery. If you're looking for a natural and affordable test booster, I highly recommend this awesome product!!!

1-20 of 626 Reviews