Cellucor Vortex Portable Mixer Reviews

Portable Mixer Powered By A 11,000 RPM Motor

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Chrisaldridge90's Rating

The only good thing about this bottle is it holds drinks. It doesn't mix well, and the lid sucks.

stanfordwmdpa's Rating

Bought one for my son, one for me. Add liquid first, start vortex, then add powder. Very simple and very effective. I will probably order a couple more so we can mix post workout in one (Aftershock) and Protein in the other. Works better than expected, no lumps or chunks just a smooth shake.

Buttersfit's Rating

Worked great for about a week and then it would not turn on. Changed the batteries and still didn't work.

swoleAF1's Rating

Perfect for Pre-Workout & Aminos. Not the best for Protein. TIP - swap out the cheap batteries that come with it for new ones like Energizer or Duracell and it will work way better!

burch10612's Rating

When I use it for my preworkout ihaven't had any problems. Using it for protein or other thicker powders is not recommended.

JoshVilla25's Rating

Works amazing, though on bigger scoops (i.e meal replacement) it does have trouble mixing all the way.

Jwiemer's Rating

Like others have said if it's used properly works well. But nothing's perfect either.

Dawson013's Rating

It's a piece of ****.

Kharrism5's Rating

I find the vortex helpful for mixing protein shakes. I don't use it for my pre workout powder because I take that into the car and drink it on the way to the gym and I don't want to bring the mixing cup with. You do have to wait for the vortex to start pouring in powder otherwise you may be disappointed.

jnosaj's Rating

Like others said, the bottom always falls out and barely spins water. Awful product, good idea. I bought two for my wife and I. Should've just tried the one first

FREAK1720's Rating

FREAK1720 did not leave a written review for this product.

Kpeden1993's Rating

I purchased this mixer and the rubber bottom piece that covers the batteries doesn't fit and always falls out. Since it does this it happened to allow a little bit of water into the battery compartment which now causes the mixer to randomly turn on when the batteries are inserted, once it comes on it won't shut off until the batteries are out. If you press the mix button it will go from a lower speed to a higher speed and then back down to the lower speed but never turns off.

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lpyle1's Rating

I'm seeing poor reviews on this product ... the instructions clearly state to create a vortex and then add the powder if you are using it to mix powders. I didn't purchase this unit to mix powers so I can't write a review on this aspect of it ... what it does do is create a perfect vortex for water! People should get more information on how much structured water can improve your health! The vortex created oxygenates and restructures the water which hydrates the cells much better and contributes to over all health! This little unit works 100% for that purpose! I'm only giving this an 8 though because of it's size! If this unit were made in a 16 or 32 oz size it would be the ultimate structured water making portable device by adding spring water! Bottled purified drinking water is like drinking processed food ... it's dead water and not very good for you. I hope this helps those who aren't happy make use out of this little device!

tiffanygen's Rating

Just used my new mixer for half a packet of Ultramet. The propeller barely mixed the powder...disappointed.

Twalter91's Rating

I've used this about 4 times before the motor only works for about 5 seconds and started leaking between the base and propeller. And awesome idea just poor build quality

ccasas07's Rating

Got this new toy in today. Works really well with protein powders, pre work outs and creatine like substances. Out of the box you get the shaker its self and a pair of batteries that insert into the bottom. I tried mixing a scoop of serious mass just to see what it could handle. Being a 18oz slim form factor shaker, it was needles to say it couldn't mix it as well as the other powders. I mean to be fair seious mass scoops are HUGE! I'd wish they offered bigger cups with more power but it does work well with just about all powders!

1-16 of 16 Reviews