Cellucor C4 Zero Reviews

Contains Zero Creatine & Beta-Alanine with Added BCAAs & Citrulline

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gbullock32's Rating

So out of the samples I received I went with the C4 Zero this time, which is billed as having very little of the more common ingredients found in most pre-workouts. It is set as an introductory pre-workout, or for those who want a simpler profile, or who might be more sensitive to the various stimms/ingredients that you see in some of the other pre-workouts on the market. While this makes it less interesting to me as a stimm lover, it is actually nice to see a company step back from the constant one upping most seem to do, and make something for those who just do not need a hard hitting pre-workout. Mixability- Decided to see how this mixed in a cup as something different, and to see how a product without so many ingredients would dissolve. Very easy, a few stirs and it mixed in completely, no settling, sticking to the spoon, and just a little bit of floating; it mixed very well without so much packed into the profile. Mixability- 8/10 Taste- Orange Mango- Very good flavor here, reminded me closer to Sunny D due to being on the sweeter side, with a more dominant orange taste, but still heavy enough on the mango that you could definitely name this off without knowing what they meant for it to be. Maybe a 65/35 orange to mango taste, it feels more like a nice drink you’d be enjoying poolside rather than a pre-workout! It does help that tropical and fruit flavors are among my favorites. Orange Mango- 8/10 Pink Lemonade- More sweet than anything, it does have a very slight tart aftertaste, enough to put a bit of bite into it but not cause your face to pucker. It reminds me of a candy type of flavor rather than a fresh squeezed lemonade, but you can definitely enjoy this one sip by sip if you like a sweeter lemony flavor. Not my favorite between the two, and it was not as strong but definitely still a good offering to mix it up from the standard flavorings most put out. Pink Lemonade- 6/10 Effectiveness- Right, so straight off, I knew this would not do much for me personally; I am not only a stimm lover, but I also love just about every ingredient they leave out intentionally to make this more new user friendly. I will keep that in mind when rating, otherwise this would be a big flop for me. So, judging it from the view of someone who this is marketed to: A simple profile, with a modest 150mg of caffeine, it gives a smooth and subtle energy push that gets you up and ready to go. It does not bring out any jitters and there is no massive caffeine rush or crash. It is a gentle energy that lets you feel more naturally focused while exercising, keeping your mind clear. No Beta Alanine means no skin crawling to distract from your session. There is a little bit of pump factor here, no skin tearing mode, or massive feeling, but just enough to notice it and have it help along. Overall, if you are new to the pre-workout game, want a simple profile, or are on the stimm sensitive side than Cellucor has your back with this, aimed right at giving just enough to get you up and going without blasting your CNS with ever long named ingredient they can find in the room. So if that is what you are looking for than I can gladly say this will be a great product for you to check out! Effectiveness- 8/10

May 19, 2017 |