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no regrets

Looks even better than on the picture!

Bag is a great size and the mesh back is extremely soft and comfortable. Do not over-stuff it though, because it will rip, but at this price, its not a big deal.

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Until I received my first bag [as a gift], I had been using X-Large Ziploc bags to carry my gym shoes in; always having to remove them at the end of the day so they would air out. This bag has turned out to be the greatest shoe bag ever! Sturdy, with one side being mesh, my shoe's air out with out ever being remove from the bag. I have 3 pairs of shoe's I rotate, all in their own bag. Thank you for a great gift! ~ cvp

It's a cool bag but it does not match the picture! It only has the bodybuilding logo.

I received the bag last week and I'm very surprised . It's a lot than I expected in the first look I did like it . I put all the stuff I need. Big towel and my running shoes and other it fit good in my bag since we don't have a store of bodybuilding in my country I'm showing of in front my friend lol.

The entire family has these. They're big enough for a quick day hike, the mesh is very durable, and the 'drawstrings' are big, 'rope sized'. For the price it should be a no brainer. I take mine to the trials and carry my 'after hike' change of shirt, towel, drinks, and other snacks and such. I also take it on the road and use it when I hit the gym. One whole side is mesh, so if you leave wet stuff in it, it will dry and not get funky.

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Excellent quality bag... Trust me and just buy it... At this price it's giving it away.... My only gripe is that it doesn't say O.N anywhere on the bag.. The picture should be updated because that's one of the main reasons I purchased it... Either way 10/10 for the bag.

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Feels like great material... but isn't what I ordered. I ordered one with the ON logo on it as seen in the picture but upon arrival noticed that it's only the bodybuilding logo. Extremely disappointed

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This bag is *AWESOME* and I can carry all my supplements with me in it! It is built WAY stronger than I expected for the price, but the material is still soft and pliable, I LOVE THIS BAG!!

great product. greater than i have expected when ordering!

My bag is printed upside down! I'm in Afghanistan so its hard to return goods, so I just kept it. But it looks stupid when I'm going down the road to gym. haha

Excellent material and great product to carry the gym stuff.

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Excellence quality, I use it not only for the gym, but also in daily use.

Writing this because I'm sure like other people, I've received a drawstring bag in the past as a free gift and it was awful. The material was thin, the strings broke, and it was very poorly made. This one is a HUGE upgrade. The strings are much thicker and the material is really strong and tough. This is NOT the same drawstring bag they had in the past. It's extremely durable and looks to last a very long time.

love this bag!! i took it to aussie with me, great as a carry on bag while traveling as well as a gym bad

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