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Write Down Your Lifting, Cardio and Meals with Daily Planner Pages

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Dianduong's Rating

Made perfectly to log every workout in of every day! Use this all the time!

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xsabrejayx's Rating

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NorthernBear's Rating

So.. its a fairly well organized workout log, you will have to be able to write smallish but it fits a lot of info per page. I have used it and found it convenient and certainly faster than entering stuff in apps on my phone. Price is good, and free if you get it as an offer.

Clanger005's Rating

I am a huge fan of technology and do most of my tracking on a phone. I bought this book on a whim and fell in LOVE. It is laid out perfectly, good quality, and convenient. 2 thumbs up from me!

acynth1216's Rating

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earmbruster38's Rating

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I received this free with a purchase of over a certain amount and now I will be ordering one whenever I fill up my current one. I thought I was fine without, but since I've started using this I've increase weight dramatically because 1.) I actually know for sure what weight I used the week before and 2.) I'm constantly challenging myself to beat my numbers. Before I was always guessing what weight I used thinking I was correct.. apparently not true. Its also nice to be able to go back and see the progress I have made.

robbenmarcor's Rating

I cannot stress enough how big of a help tracking all my workouts have been!

PURPOSE: in todays world when we are all going paperless, some serious people who like to put numbers to reality will find this product very very helpful tracking their progress LAYOUT: 10/10 in terms of layout -- pages have everything you can possibly think of from a log book QUALITY: great quality stull from printing paper to binding -- wish there were more pages though SUMMARY: a solid well thought of product, very helpful if you want to track your progress -- its always a good experience to see where you have come from and where you are heading towards

hellerwater's Rating

Very handy and keeps me productive

joebro320's Rating

This is an awesome product to track your workouts. Keeps you consistently adding weight every workout

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Great product to track your progress. I have logged my workouts for years using various products and this one is well organized and straight forward. I would recommend this product.

I absolutely couldn't use my time wisely without this log. It keeps me on track!

TiffaniAinley's Rating

Got this for my husband, he hates it when the logs are listed Monday - Sunday he likes to be able to write down the day so if he has a rest day he doesn't lose the page. He has purchased numerous different ones this one I got from (Bodybuilding) as a free gift and he has since said that this is the best one he has every used and wants to stick with this log.

richiep713's Rating

Excellent for logging workouts. I've used other company's logs as well as just a notebook and it doesn't compare. Highly recommend grabbing this if you want to log or currently do log your training. It's also a perfect size that it doesn't take up much room in your gym bag,

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GoingPaleo2015's Rating

It's a great fitness journal for tracking my weight training. It has enough writing space for sets and reps and side notes. I also really like the front tracking page where you can track down your weight and measurements. Overall this is a really great fitness journal for lifters. It's great for tracking your progress and staying accountable. I also find it much easier to write down my workouts , weights, reps, and sets on paper than online, since my internet can be a pain. :)

1-20 of 28 Reviews