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It is what it is. It works well. A+

Jaquelyn Kay's Rating

I love these!! I have gotten a few as the "free gift" with my orders and have been using them with meal prepping, so perfect!!!

Love the quality of the containers and lasts for a very long time!

This is a very nice container. I am thoroughly pleased by it and will surely get more

deepakrohila786's Rating

wow really this product so aswme nice meal container :-)

ashleyhorner's Rating

An essential for staying on top of your meal prepping is having enough containers!! These get used over and over at my house, and hold up great!

Solid product. I've had several "meal prep" containers that come with meal bags as well as your mom's Tupperware and these are my absolute favorite. Most other containers I get paranoid and use a rubber band for leak insurance but with these meal containers, I don't bother.

Exactly as expected, now I dont heat in any plastic containers, so its only dry or cold storage. And it does the job. Locks good, should come in colors.

I never knew carried these meal containers, but as soon as I found out I order 4 large and 3 small! So far they have been great. They hold a ton of food, are dishwasher safe, stack nicely, have great lids, and they are leak-proof. I will definitely be getting more of these with my next order. If you meal prep frequently, then you can't go wrong with these and I highly recommend them!

it´s great. ain´t got no troubles with it.

Stephanie71387's Rating

Simply put, this is a great product! I have not had a single issue with any of the containers I bought - durable, easy to clean, lids snap on tight, lids are easy to snap off, can hold a lot of food. The containers fit perfectly in my 6 Pack Bag as well. I plan on ordering more in the near future.

It's a good container and does what it's supposed to. There really isn't too much to say. The airtight lid snaps on and off easily, and it's thick enough and high quality enough plastic so that it won't warp in the microwave or dishwasher. The small size is 800mL.

Good investment - Order a couple to pack your meals for the day/ 3 solid, 3 liquid. These are a must for me:-)

1-13 of 13 Reviews