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Was great, would be a 9 or even a 10...but now suddenly they're no longer available in the US? O_o Gee, thanks lol.

SanDiegoJerry's Rating

These are simple and tasty! I would like the other meals to be available however. Selection is too limited now. Will you bring the other meals back?

BizLawBuff's Rating

Totally cool. Love the product. My wife and I have used these. No complaints here. None.

These are really wonderful! Quick and simple and saves me a lot of time and stress about choosing a meal on busy days. Looking to re-order but now I can't find one of my favorites (the Salmon) so I really hope this comes back.

I bought these last time and enjoyed them! But they are no longer selling my favorite meal of all: The protein pancakes! Why are these gone? Will they be re-introduced? I won't buy another set of meals without them

This is the 3rd time I order the meals and lot of the meals arrived damaged (container broken) !!! I could sue for that, eating those meals is dangerous. And this is not the 1st time that happens, last time also one meals container was broken !!!

This is my third purchase in 30 days. Pros- Convenient and quick Flavor is good. You can add more seasoning if its too bland for you Portion size just right Cons- The instructions for heating it off by a 1min or 2. I normally heat mine for 1 min less than suggestions.

simplymartha's Rating

I love the product, the portion is perfect especially on the protein food is bland but it's better that way so I can add my own tastes. Only problem I've had it the transport, already twice 1 or 2 trays have come in broken and the veggies spill out. Other than that they would of had a 10

Quick, easy to fix. The right amounts of nutritional value is huge for me! For afrozen meal, very good! Shipped on dry ice so no worries there.

These meals are great! I would say that the protein pancakes are the only ones that require an "acquired taste". I'm not forcing myself to eat these, in fact, I look forward to them. I do add a bit of salsa to the lean burger meals, but that's it. The veggies both look and taste fresh. I hope these don't remain unavailable for too long!

Julianperz's Rating

Really good food, taste amazing, and the chicken breast are fantastic, juicy and with a flavor that you don't need to and anything else!

the size of the salmon filet is worth the price of the meal with 20% discount. $10 regular price is too steep but 6.67 hits the sweet spot. Great after workout meal everything you need nothing you don't. It's clean cooking so it maybe bland compared to going out but think of the better nutrition and you'll want to keep some around. Depending on your caloric intake these meals maybe small but as snack or quick meal replacement they're great. Just add soy sauce or steak sauce or whatever to add some flavor and enjoy health benefits.

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These meals are perfect for on the go! I keep them stocked in my freezer at home and work. The taste is good, if you like you can add more seasoning or sauces to how you like. The price is very reasonable considering I now spend a lot less money at the grocery store. These meals are such a time saver and allow me more time in the gym after work. The only reason I gave it 9/10 instead of 10/10 was the chicken came out a bit dry but that was because the suggested cooking time was too high. Great product overall!

I really liked the salmon and rice as well as the egg white omelet with kale, they taste the best! The chicken is while...chicken lol it's ok. Wish they would have more to choice from but over all taste great and worth the money!

I recently purchased B elite meals to try. I honestly do enjoy cooking, however recently I do not always have the time. I recently had a baby (4 months ago) and am back to work full time. I am getting back on track with my workouts and eating clean so I wanted to try pre made meals to make life easier. I purchased the chicken/green beans/ sweet potato, the chicken/brown rice/ broccoli, chicken/asparagus and the protein pancakes. I tried the chicken/ green bean/ sweet potatoes first, since I love sweet potatoes but was very disappointed I did not think the flavor was great and the sweet potatoes turned to soup. The protein pancakes are not bad, but definitely have a protein taste, but taste better with the syrup. The chicken/broccoli/brown rice is the best one, I do like the flavor of the meal. When I purchase again I will stick with the chicken/broccoli/brown rice and the protein pancakes :)

Yippieyaya69's Rating

For an idiot like me who is 24 next month and eats horribly this product is perfect. Cheap enough, good enough ingredients, and most importantly portioned correctly. Eat atleast three a day plus protein creatine and other supps you should be ok. Eat four and all of that working out you can't go wrong. Buy 48 meals at 7.50 a meal delivered to your door step in two days....I personally will continue to do this. I'd not recommend if you don't mind cooking and washing things. If you don't mind going to the supermarket and cooking your own food and washing the utensils then I'd say continue to do that because it is much cheaper. But if your looking at this I assume you hate doing that so I'd recommend this. I'm very happy with it.

I did not like the taste of the meals. I would not reorder this again. I still have some left in my freezer and now I have to force myself to eat them.

Great concept but they have work on the taste. I only like the pancakes and for the price there are better meal companies.

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