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slimbaby28's Rating

This product didn't do anything for me. I eat a lean diet and exercise 6 days a week. I noticed no difference

Works just like all the other <h1 a=b>fat</h1> "burners". Get it if it's on sale.

Jockdaniels's Rating

I just wanted to start off stating that I am very responsive to stimulants as I don't usually have a daily intake of caffeine. On that note, I started taking this on 02/21/2014. I took 2 pills prior to working out. I don't feel it helping during my workout but I had tons of energy afterwards. I felt as if i could go back to the gym and workout some more. In fact, I only take this once a day prior to working out as I think an additional dose at dinner will keep me up all night. However, my wife stated to take them on Saturday. She took them in the morning and didn't get any increased energy from them. She did take another dose before she worked out that evening and she said it gave her energy right after she was done. She does drink coffee and tea daily so she has a caffeine tolerance. Over all we both like it and it's too early to say it is helping us burn fat but we have seen enough to continue it. It's on sale right now at Walmart and I'm heading over their today to increase my supply.

babygirl13333's Rating

Hey everyone. So I wanted to review this product because I haven't found that many reviews on this product yet. I weight 136.2 lbs, and I want to lose about 20 lbs so I decided to try Zantrex 3 to help me lose that 15-20lbs. I started using this product recently since Monday the 27th of January, so it's only been about 3 days. I have felt a little bit nauseated the 2nd day but just drink enough water and you'll be fine. Other than feeling a little bit nauseated, I haven't felt any other side effects that it says. It does curb your appetite and makes you not want to eat fatty foods. It makes you want to eat healthy foods. It says to take 2 capsules about 15 minutes before you are about to eat. I have taken 2 and then when I ate, I got full really fast. I am trying to work out 3-4x a week to see my results. Overall, I think this a good product and will help you lose weight. I am going to weigh myself on Friday or Sunday to see how much I lost so far. It makes me feel good, gives me energy to work out and stay focused on my goals!

The product made me very dehydrated and didn't give a lot of energy energy. Otherwise, it does what it says it will.

kittykatt44's Rating

SO i took the whole bottle,i had a controlled calorie intake, and excersie. i started at 183.5lbs, and when i was done the bottle i was at 178.3lbs. I found it helps me not get bloated after meals, i didnt feel any side effects, i didnt crash. its a good product, just not good enough results for me.

I have now been taking them for a week and am over the moon with them. Unlike the Zantrex 3 blue bottle, which I have also tried, but didn't like,due to me having to wake up at 4am to take them with a can of Red Bull,fell asleep for another couple of hours, then them taking a further 3-4 hours to kick in. The Zantrex 3 Red bottle are totally different and up to now I love them as they only take an hour to kick in and they give me loads of energy throughout the day so much so that I am able to do a very high impact workout with HiiT incorporated, for over 90 mins without the crash effect which can hinder performance whilst exercising. I shall definately be ordering more of this product. Ihave used it on its own and also stacked it with the N.O.-XPLODE supplement which I think is awesome and probably the best energy supplements I have ever tried! I take them upon waking up and an hour b4 working out and they give me lasting energy for 12+hrs...am also able to sleep of them unlike the Zantrex blue ones. Definately worth the buy!!

1-7 of 7 Reviews