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KayRob's Rating

Tastes amazing, works excellent, doesn't get much better than that. Gained about 8 pounds in roughly a week and a half.

pennona's Rating

This is the best weight gainer i have ever had period!! i recommend this to all trying to put on some good muscle mass on or just put on some pounds.

abrelje's Rating

works really well. i was stuck at 185 for months fluctuating a pound or two and within two weeks i have gained 7 pounds and it tastes great. i have been doing half servings as well its a little thick with the recommended 4 scoops.

asalueng's Rating

Didn't really work for me, taste wasnt too bad, serving size was a little too much i thought.

contact41603's Rating

Ok, so i bought this product pretty much based on the reviews online... needless to say, it does work. I gained 3 pounds in about a week and a half. However... the serving size for it is too much, at least for my taste. I already finished the product, but i would remember dreading having to drink it, it's four huge scoops, i used to mix it with milk since the flavor was better, but the stuff would get to grow so much and get so thick i thought i was drinking glue. Not buying it again, NOT because it didn't work, but because the process of having to take it was a nightmare.

morok245's Rating

This is my favorite gainer. It is very easy to digest, unlike other weight gainer. Gives a good boost to the weight. Vanilla flavor is much better than chocolate for my taste.

beastevolution's Rating

I've only been using this for a week and a half,and combined with my training and diet have been able to gain 3-4 solid pounds of muscle. I've also experienced fast gains in strength and size. Awesome product,and I plan on keeping it a part of my regimen for the rest of the summer.

jamielasha89's Rating

This stuff is great! I took a risk and bought 3 tubs without knowing what it would be like..but it was a great idea! This stuff is soooo good it tastes great, not too thick, and it puts on size and strength like no other! I will only take this mass gainer from now on.

PBJProteinShake's Rating

Well, I am very impressed. I have been taking gold standard whey for the longest time because it's easy on the stomach. But I wasn't getting the results I wanted. I heard great things about HUGE, and they were right. Its very easy on the stomach, I don't feel full, tastes great, and it's affordable. I am looking forward to the results everyone has been bragging about.

StillTahn's Rating

tastes great (especially with milk) and has a good ingredient profile. it is a little expensive tough so i gave it a 9/10. if the price came down though, this product would be a staple supplement for me.

livemassive's Rating

after watching the video i knew this product was for me My first week of taking this i went from benching 315 to 390 and pushing past failure was easier then ever before

jaymasterp's Rating

jaymasterp did not leave a written review for this product.

mr_a's Rating

great product that helped me a lot in gaining mass and it also tastes great

joePILE's Rating

I received a sample of the chocolate from XeroLimit's twitter and it was amazing, im a vanilla guy so i bought that hoping it would be good to, it was awesome. Both flavors are great, but the vanilla rocks. I only took this when i was gaining and i gained crazy weight, i had two scoops (1/2 serving) twice a day with big meals and i gained a full 7 lbs in a month and a half. loosing fat now and im finding a fullness i didnt have before. F*cking kudos to XeroLimits

Kal20's Rating

WOw the best tasting gainer iv ever had! love the enzyme's doesnt make me bloat at all

shivers316's Rating

Loved this stuff! Was lucky enough to get in on the H.U.G.E. project and took this along with Engorge. Awesome stuff!!

groundnpoundmma's Rating

Really enjoy this product.

1-17 of 17 Reviews