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Extreme Energy*, Maximum Intensity*, and Hyper-Thermogenisis!*

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BigBadBarrett's Rating

Horrible product. headaches, stomach sickness...... just horrible. friend has had great result with it so maybe just my own personal experience with it but never again

carlostopa's Rating

carlostopa did not leave a written review for this product.

Sopi8's Rating

DO NOT TRY IT!! this the worst ever, I took the samples and now I'm dying. I'm on bed I cannot move. I felt like throwing up and my heart os beating really fast and I can't even walk! I ate as much as I could to make it stop but still It has been 4 hours now

darzigma's Rating

I got this product from the free samples that came along with my purchase. I took this pill around 45mins before my first meal as instructed. After I had my first meal, I felt this gas bloating all over my stomach, constipation as well. I felt nausea for about 1 hour when I was outside so it was pretty bad. Felt this kind of jittery feeling and chills in my body and could hardly concentrate therefore I cancelled my plan to workout. I don't have any issues with caffeine. Not sure if I'm allergic to other substances

Darkhorse01's Rating

Works as well as most thermogenics. I use this one because of price.

octoberfire's Rating

I got a sample in the mail for 2 pills with my order of protein powder from bodybuilding.com. I decided to give them a try since they have caffeine in them and I figured hey why not since I haven't had my coffee today. That was such a bad idea. The closest thing I can compare the pills to is taking a 5-hr energy drink but with additional side effects beyond the elevated heart rate and jittery-ness. Two hours after I took the 2 pills I am feeling really jittery, hot, and sweaty; having chills; dry mouth (like you get when you feel like throwing up); and having a constant need to go pee. I've never bought weight loss pills before and needless to say this has deterred me from buying anything like this in the future.

rubenzeo's Rating

Got a free sample so thought I would use it as a pre workout sup. Caffeine content is high. 30 minutes later I'm sweating but feeling cold. Goose bumps all over, feeling like im going to lose consciousness. Stop my workout bc I'm thinking this is not good. Major diuretic to the point that this cant be good. Eat and drink hoping to get the affects out of my system. 2 hours later I'm on couch feeling horrible. I need the antidote! Never ever again. Ugh..... Hoping I can at least workout tonight.

DoItBetter's Rating

Not good for me. I developed a headache within 30 minutes after taking it. And I'm not sensitive to caffeine. Gaspari Nutrition works better for me. As for the energy - I couldn't feel it either.

FsAxis92's Rating

A pretty potent fat burner. Energy levels were high, and flet warm all day.

keepnit_tight's Rating

I like this product slightly better than the Hydroxycut Elite. It was a lot easier and quicker getting used to and does not give me the chitters like Hydroxycut did. However, i have greater longer lasting energy, and I can see the difference in my physique already after only 4 weeks of use. This is definitely my husband I favorite product to use.

sfseptember's Rating

It takes a couple of days to get use to it, but it seems to work as advertised. I havn't finished mine yet.

brandyweindorf's Rating

Received a sample in the mail and this product helped me get through my hour long cardio session with 903 calories burned. However, I did feel a little bit of jitters afterwards. I like to do cardio fasting, so this may have been the reason for the jitters. Overall, I highly recommend this product.

tdizzledrizzle's Rating

I recieved a sample of this with my recent order, and I took it as the directions directed. Unfortunately, I did not like the effects at all. I became incredibly jittery and very nauseous. I tried eating, but it didn't help at all. I definitely don't recommend taking Xenadrine XT.

bryanftw's Rating

Great. I am cycling this and detonate from GN to stay super hyper. This works better then the Hydroxcut hardcore elite. Has most the same ingredients but this is better. AND it smells just like street cocaine. Not for light weights. But also not for fat ppl who eat like a pound of food before taking this with 6 hours of sleep.

elkipy27's Rating

elkipy27 did not leave a written review for this product.

tloncar's Rating

tloncar did not leave a written review for this product.

JranasaurusRex's Rating

I have been using adderall for 3 months now and I am completely use to it. It gets me going a little but nothing like when I first started taking. I got a free sample of Xenadrine XT, Took 2 caps and flew thru a 2 1/2 hour workout like it was nothing on empty stomach. Crazy energy, appetite suppression and awesome mental focus. On empty stomach, it does give me that jittery wired up feeling, but I like it, it just reminds to keep busy and not sit around all day. Took at 4am and wore off by 11am. so you will need to take 2 caps twice a day, if that helps calculate how much you will need to buy.

KidColossal's Rating

I've tried several fat burners since I began working out, trying to find the right one that will work for me and my body chemistry. I've tried OxyElite Pro, Gaspari Detonate, Hydroxycut extreme, and now this after bodybuilding .com sent me a few sample packs with my other orders. To cut to the chase this one ranks about third place, with Oxy and Detonate coming in first and second. If your like me an have tried many fat burners I will tell you to START WITH ONE PILL. I urge you to do this because acting like I was a bad *** and thinking my tolerance was high because of my experience with stims turned out to be a bad mindset. Since it was only like 3 sample packs I can't say I saw more fat loss then from the other fat burners stated above, but if you're looking for good energy this is the one for you. Unfortunately the crash isn't worth it for me to continue using this product. After constant energy for about 3-4 hrs including one hr working out, I felt completely dead and lethargic. Other than that I can say it did help push me through my workout.

hart7264's Rating

I received a sample with my Body Building order and decided to try it. This didn't work well for me at all. I had so much energy that I couldn't get through my workout. Not to mention that my heart was beating like crazy and I felt nauseous my whole workout. The only thing I liked was that I didn't feel like eating after taking it. I, unfortunately will not purchase the Xenadrine XT.

skinnyminime's Rating

I got a sample with an order i recently purchased. I was really excited to test it out. Unfortunately shortly after taking it i felt as if i had drugs pulsing through my viens. Now although ive never actually done drugs before, the closest thing i can compare it to is what someone strung out of herion/speed/hardcore drugs might feel. It made me physically tremble and my heart & head felt as if they might explode. Needless to say i didnt make it to my workout, and i will never be taking it again. Do not recommend at all(or at least not to anyone of my size).

1-20 of 127 Reviews