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Richnogg's Rating

Does what its supposed to. Pair with Ball refill for max effect

Chicopee1's Rating

Chainsaw and Ball Refill stack worked out for me everyone so I give it a good mark. Feel a big rush personally and it gets me going. Starting to be a habit but at least its a good one I think cause the performance is there always.

Vamanos's Rating

Reordering this one puts so much pressure for me down there it is definitely working. My homey told me about this and it pushes the blood-flow out is what it does.

DanielS4's Rating

DanielS4 did not leave a written review for this product.

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FavorA's Rating

You all got to try this one. Maybe gets me more jacked up than I want sometimes but that is the point right? Strong yohimbe gets the job done. Not so much that I never get to bed tho. Take it best as a stack with the Ball Refill but spread it out in my opinion that also has some strong yohimbe init. Personal experiences only. 10 of 10

LegitDavids's Rating

Feel a rush at the right time if you take it 30 minutes prior and go on an empty stomach its better. I take the full stack maybe I shouldn't but it works for me lol.

Drags23's Rating

I was skeptical at first due to same reviewers on all their products. I should have really listened to myself. I do not recommend this product, I used this several days, tried different dosages, and even took it combined with Black Snake (Other Vigor Lab product) and I did not feel a thing. DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY! (I also reviewed Black Snake)

babbyj's Rating

Ordered the whole stack of vigor products, another good one from them. Does what it says. good products.

RomeoWa's Rating

Stacked with Ball Refill and Black Snake. I do not take this every day tho. Just taking it as needed for a solid boost.

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RobKR's Rating

Thought it was too much at first. Ended up being really good for my performance. Totally a wake me up kind of deal for me need the extra boost it hits me with so it is worth it. I get a little bit hot when I take it, however that is the goal really so its all good. I take it with the vigor T booster and Black Snake and am getting results. Bought it on my own on this site. Rob

WolfordD's Rating

I get serious stim from this supplement so I don't take it daily just when needed and it is awesome. Any performance issues I have are not there when I do this supp. Awesome product.

Honlulu's Rating

Works very well for me. After lifting if you are tired and not in the mood it fixes it for me. Mahalo

EliasGo's Rating

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whunter1's Rating

whunter1 did not leave a written review for this product.

SanDiegoCA's Rating

West coast lifestyle type of product. CHainsaw is strong and does the trick for me quickly.

stewtex1's Rating

Arrived quickly from and it worked even faster. I say in about 20 minutes this started to work for me. At my advanced age this is a big help. Worth the money from my perspective

themanri's Rating

For the extra blood rush, not because I have any problems lets just say to get a little extra is all... Take it with Ball Refill its a decent stack I read about in the forums, worth the money.

lowarty's Rating

lowarty did not leave a written review for this product.

dan1rekow's Rating

Didn't do much for me. Stacked with Deer antler and other Vigor products. At 50 years old hard to find products that work well. Have been impressed with Vigor Gut Cut though, having good results with that so far.

ticklemeelbow's Rating

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