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Super Soft, Durable Lifting Glove With Wrist Wrap!

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I tried many gloves and got those at discount price and I am very happy with the purchase except the smell it gets after while that's why I give 9/10. They are durable, sits great, wrist support is very good , red stitching adds some style to you. Great value for your money, recommended

sateshpersaud1's Rating

Just bought these gloves about two weeks ago and they look very awesome. The feel for it is amazing the grip and the way it hugs your hands are all great. The only downfall you might have to order a size bigger I regret not getting a large. Overall a great glove with no let downs yet

Wrist support it nice to have but they fit big, so the material around the fingers somewhat "jumble" up in your palm because of the sizing. When doing heavy lifts like deadlift they are real uncomfortable because the material folds and jumbles, so I use my lifting pads instead. I wouldn't buy them again.

after purchasing the Schiek gloves i thought i'd come back and drop a quick review on these now that i've tried 2 different gloves.. .. Pro's great wrist support, comfortable, lasted almost yr and even at that just some thread has started to come loose on the velcro strapping.. .. Con's leave's black marks behind after use even after several trips through the wash, ergo padding wore fairly quick.. .. as a side note these do fit a bit big.. .. OVERALL if these didn't leave the black behind on my hand i would purchase again, i will be trying the Harbinger gloves next depending on my Schieks go (not a huge fan of their wrist support).

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works great. Not sure what i wold consider a "10" so it gets a 9

HugeFlex2011's Rating

Great Gloves. My first pair gave up after 10months of abuse in the gym. I re-ordered these babies again. Good wrist support aswell.

Very similar to the wrist supported Everlast gloves I used to buy at Walmat. They feel awesome, and the padding is great. But the stitching where the wrist straps connect to the glove started to let go after a week of use. i usually wear an XL glove from other companies and these ones were a little bigger than I was used to, I would have gone a size smaller personally.

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Only few month of use and the rubber band stretched out. Poor craftsmanship and not durable quality of leather and stitches. The only good thing is comfortable design and nice cushioning. Don't expect them to last long...

These are the best gloves I have ever used I have used them for more than 10 years now and have never had any problems highly recommend!

these have been great i lost my blisters on my hands with these

xxphysiquexx's Rating

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I ordered a pair of these gloves and they only lasted 2 weeks before the stitches started breaking. The stitches that held the wrist strap to the glove came apart as well as the stitches that make the fingers. The gloves were comfortable and had a nice amount of padding in the palms. They just won't hold up.

These gloves are really very comfortable and supportive. When I first bought them, I thought, "Wow, theses gloves only cost $14.99? What a bargain!" Unfortunately though, maybe you do get what you pay for. After about two months of constant 5-day-a-week workouts, the gloves are beginning to unravel at the seams between the fingers on top, where leather meets ventillation mesh. I am disappointed as the gloves are otherwiise quite good. A better quality in workmanship is in order here.

greggenesis's Rating

Pro: This glove is comfortable and protects my hands from getting hard etc. The wrist straps also work great and supports my wrists. Cons: There IS too much padding in the center of the glove. But this doesn't prevent you from lifting free weights or prohibit your workout in any way. It would be nice if there was less padding there though. The threading on one of the finger sections of the gloves started coming off before a month of use. Overall its a good glove if you don't mind the extra padding and the potential thread problems. These gloves are washer and dryer resistant but I haven't washed/dried them yet so I cant review that part.

I like how it have padding on the palm, it makes a different when your lifting heavy. I tend to clench the bar more when I'm lifting heavy so this help softening it more. The bad part is poor assembly, after two months the gloves started falling apart. So I'll be looking for another pair of gloves soon.

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I love these gloves, i get the wrist support i need, the only reason it is a 9 and not a 10 is they leak a black dye when i work out really hard. I am washing them hopefully this will fix the leaking problem

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