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Formulated to have Minimal Impact on Sugar and Insulin Levels*

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mifuneseven's Rating

mifuneseven did not leave a written review for this product.

dlemus's Rating

Good tasting meal replacement protein bar and overall healthy ingredients.

csdutton33's Rating

Zero Impact bars are perfect for on-the-go protein. I love the Pumpkin Supreme, it tastes great and isn't nearly as dry as most protein bars (especially considering that it's packed with 30g). I carry these as fuel during long runs and races, and use them as a meal supplement during the day.

miguelgmedina's Rating

Love the Pumkin and German Chocolate flavors these bars are rich and filling but on top of that they are CLEAN! By far my favorite tasting meal replacement bar, I use it on the go if I don't have time to cook and I've used them in ultra-endurance events. Zero Impact got me through the Traveling Death Race in Mexico and The SISU Iron in Southern California. Both events are longer than 24hours and incredibly demanding so they hit the spot in keep you fueled and pushing hard. Best part is NO BLOATING or upset stomach, for ultra events or meals nothing is worse than feeling like a balloon. I just wish there were more flavors!

ckohlen's Rating

Peanut Butter and Jelly is my favorite. Its such a healthy treat. The bars are really filling and I know they will give me energy that will last.

dankrueger's Rating

These bars are a perfect protein snack for the afternoon or in between meals. Excellent flavors, but I prefer the German Chocolate. Drink a lot of water when eating them (as with any protein bar). Great stuff!

kfmuelle's Rating

I was very excited about trying these bars, especially since they had a pumpkin spice flavored bar, which is one of my favorite flavors. These bars were good, but in my opinion did not stand out over other food bars I have had. They were good, don't get me wrong, but I was not wowed. The German Chocolate was my favorite flavor, followed by the PB&J, the Pumpkin spice wasn't as good as I was hoping (which I would rate a 8), and the last flavor I've had was the Chocolate Peanut Butter (which I would give a 7). While these bars would not be my goto bar for a high calorie meal replacement bar, they would be a acceptable substitute if my favorite brand wasn't available.

ucsumma's Rating

Purchased one of the Pumpkin Supreme bars at the Dallas Europa and it was DELICIOUS! The macros are a bit high if you're trying to watch your calories (415 cal, 17g fat, 35g carbs, and 30g protein) but the fat is good for satiety. I would use this as a full meal replacement or for times when you know your next meal is 3+ hours away. Flavor was seriously amazing - it felt like a guilty treat. I'll likely alternate between these and the MetRX Big 100 when looking for a bar to hold me over for a while.

Nyrin's Rating

A very mixed profile with much less texture and flavor than I'd expect from the macros. Protein blend is nice, but includes collagen, which makes the 30g count questionable. Vegetable monoglycerides are almost certainly hiding trans fat, which is deplorable. Good use of sugar alcohols in the bar is offset by the bizarre inclusion of three or four different forms of added sugar, including corn syrup. Most importantly, perhaps, the PB&J seemed too dry and flaky for the 17g of fat involved; the jelly felt more like little pieces of fruit than a satisfying layer. Not really a bad bar, but far from a good one, too--much better choices out there.

Cyberjim's Rating

Great tasting bars. Easy to eat, unlike other bars which are way stiffer. German chocolate is really awesome. I use it as a meal replacement for my afternoon snack. Good protein sources and low GI carbs.

RoadPigJohn's Rating

Zero Impact Bars, awesome taste protein bars, I snacked one for breakfast several times when I was at my last days before competition eating just plain chicken and water (Yeah no carbohydrates on the side). Great profile of fiber and carbohydrate ratio and a must for everyone in lean out mode.

ravensrock94's Rating

these taste great! eat one before a workout. Taste amazing!

mariechristine's Rating

I didn't like the taste...

AstroBlackS's Rating

These have become my go to bars that I always have handy. They taste great, my favorite is pumpkin supreme. They have a fantastic nutrient profile, and the fact that they are designed to have minimal impact on blood sugar levels is great.

nikkirod's Rating

Excellent meal replacement bar!, I can use it as a meal and fills you up and tastes delicious!!

Hackett45's Rating

Hackett45 did not leave a written review for this product.

camilanewton's Rating

These bars are delicious and great for when you are on the go as a meal replacement. I'm a chocolate and peanut butter freak so these bars really help to satisfy my cravings!

Drearod's Rating

this protein bar is a really good meal replacement, it keeps me full for a couple hours and has the perfect amount of protein in it


When I first tried these Impact Bars it was in the fall so I immediately grabbed the Pumpkin Supreme. The flavor immediately brought me back to the holidays and festivities. The flavor did not disappoint me! It has an amazing pumpkin flavor and I felt like I was eating a piece of pumpkin pie with every bite without the guilt.

MelanieKate's Rating

Great tasting protein bar thats soft and if you stick it in the microwave (without wrapper) for 5-8 seconds you have yourself a warm gooey, straight from the oven treat!

1-20 of 180 Reviews