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The Shotgun Approach To Lean Muscle Nitric Oxide Support!

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mruszin's Rating

I have used this in the past and present and can't find another product that compares for me. Always gives me the extra pump I need.

crmessersmith's Rating

Outstanding pwo. I am about to finish shortcut to size, my 5 rep bench went from 210 to 305. Leg press is nearing 950 for 5 reps. I had no definition 3 months ago, and I have seen an incredible change. Flavor isn't like drinking Kool aid but it's alright. If this doesn't give you the energy you're looking for, get a bottle of yohimbine Hcl, and crack one of the pills in your bottle. The ones I use are 2.5 mg and it's perfect. No complaints, solid product with solid results.

Guilherme_FH's Rating

This stuff is AMAZING!!! I tried so many PW's before i got to this one, including C4, SuperPump, NO Xplode, Hemo Rage, Jack3d and JetFuse.... NO Shotgun is number one, hands down! This product will give you an INSANE energy, along with a monstruous strenght and pump! And the better thing is it only takes one single scoop...no need to increase dosage whatsoever. High quality product. Taste is not the best in the market, but who cares, since it is absolutely bareable and does not make you sick like Hemo Rage. By far the best i've ever taken.


just started using this product,only issue ive had its really sweet tasting!

Ferchuz's Rating

Ferchuz did not leave a written review for this product.

lubinker's Rating

lubinker did not leave a written review for this product.

PhysiqueJunkie's Rating

No shotgun mhf-1 stacked with Karbolyn. This stack killed my workout, my pump was nuts and my veins were looking like a road map. Its not a high energy pwo but it get you going physically and mentaly. I got a new 5 rep pr on Db Press today woth 90, s working up from 50's At the END OF MY WORKOUT. Taste 9/10 Effect 9/10 Mixing 9/10 Just had a mild after taste and didn't have a intense energy kick like others I've tried but if you FOCUS EFFECT AND POWER GE THIS!

RoadPigJohn's Rating

I have to advice that I used No Shotgun combined with No SyntheSize, No Shotgun is an outstanding product, I remember I started using it by just half of the recommend it serving and it worked great for me. The energy and pumps were good, Flavor was excellent and the only thing I disliked was the aftertaste in m mouth like if I drank protein powder... I know it has protein on it so thats understandable to happened but I don't get use to that for a Pre-Workout supplement. Anyway another awesome product from VPX which is qualify in my book as a company focus in developing the best low carbohydrates products in the market.

Milla532's Rating

Great pre-workout because of the protein and creatine this is an ideal supplement before hitting the weights. Clean energy, no jitters, solid amount of caffeine, and great pumps. I switched to this after experiementing with Jack3D and it tearing up my stomach and felt chemically imbalanced! I use to be on N.O. Xplode but there was too much salt in it, switched to Optimum's Pre which is good but not as good as VPX! Definitely the best out there, wouldnt workout with out it! Grape Bubblegum is my top choice although exotic fruit is still good.

Overbeys's Rating

I love this pre-workout. This is one of my favorites out there. This things gives you not a crazy amount of energy, but what you need to get the workout going. The best feeling on this pre-workout is the ridiculous PUMP you get. No other product does it better. I was also much more vascular on it. Also I saw a big difference from taking it, with the creatine & protein in it, I really saw a lot of size added on by the time i finished my tub. This stuff also tastes very well, and mixes great. It is at a reasonable price for the product your getting.

aistoff's Rating

aistoff did not leave a written review for this product.

jonatass's Rating

jonatass did not leave a written review for this product.

wpalme's Rating

wpalme did not leave a written review for this product.

JumpingSpider's Rating

Great effect. Good concentration, energy. Lasts enough for good workout. Nice that it includes protein.

izsoldos75's Rating

NO Shotgun is one of the most powerful pre workout supp.Keeps me pumped and focused during the whole workout.No face tingling,no crash.Great product!

dienowkthx's Rating

VPX sent me 5 packs of this out to sample this week. I was expecting just a heavy dose of stimulants with a nasty crash following but was pleasantly surprised that I did not experience a crash while definitely getting a much needed boost of energy and focus during my workout. Pros: Mixes instantly Tastes good Lots of energy with no crash Lots of focus during my workout Cons: None I can think of honestly, it did what I needed it to do and it definitely works.

bcastellanos351's Rating

bcastellanos351 did not leave a written review for this product.

jjcolema's Rating

Beware u may have to go to the bathroom if u take to much of this stuff

NickGil's Rating

This a great product!. Few have a combination with protein, fat burner and few carbs (low calories).

greenrambo2's Rating

greenrambo2 did not leave a written review for this product.

1-20 of 779 Reviews