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Contains Healthy Fats, High-Quality Proteins, & Creatine!

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sashacharu's Rating

This is a very high-calorie bar. And the taste isn't very good.

MelanieKate's Rating

German chocolate is my favorite!! perfect protein and creatine bar! who dosnt love chocolate anyways?

zamayracenteno's Rating

zamayracenteno did not leave a written review for this product.

cmarinoss's Rating

The bang bars not only have 30 grams of protein, but they have 5 grams of creatine as well! for those trying to put on and build muscle, it's perfect and tastes amazing!

fabi01693's Rating

VERY TASTY and the profile is great. At buy one get one free, you cant beat this deal either.

410n50's Rating

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tha shredda's Rating

tha shredda did not leave a written review for this product.

venonvegeta's Rating

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planettamar's Rating

These bars are great tasting and GLUTEN FREE! Being that I have Celiac disease, I have to have gluten free products! Bang bars are low in sugar with 30 grams of protein and 5 grams of Creatine! They also taste great! :)

RenaldoGairy's Rating

RenaldoGairy did not leave a written review for this product.

daredvl7896543's Rating

If your buying for taste this is definitely not what you want to buy! I bought them thinking they were going to be the next best thing with 30g of protein in a tiny bar WRONG the PB&J tastes disgusting I wouldn't even feed it to my dog. I bought 2 boxes threw them both in the garbage cant take a bite without feeling like throwing up.. Id search somewhere else if you want a protein bar because you cant even scarf the thing down that's how bad it is..

SeanGrant's Rating

I bought these b/c they hit hard on the Creatine and the stats for the cost right now can't be beat. I certainly didn't buy it for the taste. But review after review everyone's repping the taste- NOT TRUE. PB&J is tolerable if that. Certainly not something you look forward to. I would much rather smash a shake if I had the time. Texture is foamy but minimal aftertaste. Just wolf it down and you're fine. @Calorie Comment- 330 calories just makes sense. A gram of protein is right at about 4 calories. Same for Carbs. 12g of Fat and it all adds up...

themonkeybear's Rating

nutritionally great... a bit like eating a piece of memory foam mattress though.... but the label is true - it "does" taste just like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.... just a bit of a mind ^$@%# when eating... I don't think anyone would buy these because they're delectable.... but a TOTALLY tolerable way to jam some protein into your diet... definitely.

Cr3echer's Rating

Peanut Butter & Jelly was one of the best bars I've had. It was on the same level as quest. German Chocolate on the other hand was a little too chocolaty for me.

REB3190's Rating

Today I tried the Peanut Butter and Jelly Bang bar that VPX sent me. I think the profile is pretty solid, 30g of protein, and 5g of creatine in a bar makes it really easy for someone who is having a busy day to hit their macros. One thing I wish were different, is the amount of calories in it, 330 seems a little high. The texture of the bar was smooth and unlike some other protein bars I have tried, I didn't feel like I was chewing leather when I ate it. The taste was good, I didn't really pick up the peanut butter flavor but could definitely taste the chunks of what I think was raspberry jelly. Would not have a problem eating this bar again! Overall I think this is a really good bar for someone who is short on time!

Marshall28's Rating

I was sent 2 bars...One German Chocolate and one PB&J. I actually think the profiles are decent although for me I would prefer this without creatine or Hydrolyzed Collagen. Other than that these bars seem pretty solid. Taste - The German chocolate was very very rich but it was still good. It was a bit hard to finish the whole bar but it would be something I would eat to kill a sweet tooth. The PB&J bar was alot of PB and a little Jelly. It was decent but I do wish the jelly flavor was stronger. Texture - These bars were soft and seemed a bit oily? The mailing envelope even showed some oil there the package. Not sure if this was heat related. Needless to say I prefer the bars to be softer vs. hard. Overall I would give this bars a try once I use my Quest Bar stash. If you are looking for a bar that is form of a MRP vs a snack this might be a great option for you. Thanks VPX for giving me the chance to review.

CharlieGriffin8's Rating

this is probably the best tasting protein par i have ever had, it also has some creatine it. Highly recommended!

JesusTheKing's Rating

This Bang bar was good, it is a good size and has a great profile. The german chocolate flavor was good, rich chocolate taste with enough coconut to give it the german flavor. I like the addition of creatine in this bar and I ate it after my workout. Tastes good, and a great amount of protein per serving 30g!!

arieldavis's Rating

VPX sent me PB&J & German Chocolate bars to try for free. First off, the bars have an oily texture, but it makes them stay really moist. I placed it in the fridge, which made the oil/moistness harden up a little. It tasted amazing cold- it had coconut bits in the German Chocolate and the Pb&J was pretty on point (it was an interesting, but good taste.) The GC had a real chocolate taste, not a fake/let down taste. I did like the macros and the fact it had some creatine, that was very cool aspect. If you don't like your protein bars too moist, I'd recommend, putting them in the fridge or your cooler, if you're on the run.

BuffNSoFly's Rating

This bar had a very pleasant consistency. It was too chewy like laffy taffy but, more of a brownie type texture. The taste wasn't the greatest but, definitely not the worst bar. Loved the macros and it is great to get your creatine in with a meal rather than having it separate.

1-20 of 47 Reviews