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Suggested to Increase Strength in Athletes and Increase Growth and Recovery*

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DMcVean's Rating

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TankDTJ's Rating

Amazing product, especially when stacked with 5-HTP (Natrol Brand). I sleep so good that I can sleep for 4 hours and it'll feel like 8. Now, I'm not sure which product exactly gives me that " Recharged " feel but, I will say the combination of them both are great. Also, I only use this brand, I tried using a top brand; didn't really feel the " magic ".

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azlum's Rating

I can't say this product has had ANY positive effects for me. NONE of the advertised benefits have been felt. It hasn't done jack for my sleep either. Everyone seems to think this makes them sleep better but I call BS on that. I've slept the same or worse every single night since starting ZMA. I think ZMA is a hoax supplement, propagated by the one and only Jim Stoppani to further line his pockets.

cmorton24's Rating

do know if this works

GoldenBartender's Rating

I love this product. I take three capsules before bed on an empty stomach every night. I believe it helps with my sleep.

checkbox's Rating

having tried several other brands. i have to say this stands out for me personally,

mathman25's Rating

mathman25 did not leave a written review for this product.

Yousufali's Rating

one of the best ZMA supplements I have ever used. 3 caps and 30min later am KO'ed

FcoDGF's Rating

FcoDGF did not leave a written review for this product.

Juaddington's Rating

Worked really good, I fall asleep fast and sleep hard.

gpetsas's Rating

This was my first experience with a ZMA supplement before but I think it really helps on sleep and recovery. I was on this Arnold Schwarzenegger cut program that was brutal and this product really gives a deep full sleep which greatly assisted in my recovery. I will admit I experienced vivid dreams on occasion but it was far from a deterrent. If you need help sleeping to recovery after a good lift, this product is a great recommendation.

emperor1947's Rating

excellent product I have been taking this for 3 months and I always get a good sleep and ready foe another day

omer46's Rating

Very good product! The ingredient list has great dosage. I took 3 capsules a day right before bed and feel like it has helped me gain muscle size and recovery. I would recommend it!

jsnvst's Rating

I have been trying taking ZMA Pro for approximately three months now and love the deep sleeps that I get from taking it. As mentioned on previous reviews, I do not get the nightmares or grogginess that other have but do get a dry mouth when I wake up.

STElric's Rating

First time using a ZMA product and it seems to provide deeper sleep. According to my sleep tracking app, I get more deep sleep in the same amount of time sleeping without ZMA pro. However, I don't have any vivid dreams as some other people have mentioned. I have also woken up an hour or so before my intended wake-up time, though this may be due to stress in my personal life at the moment.

dedios09's Rating

This is the first time using a sleep aid product of any kind and Universal hit it on the head with ZMA Pro. It's not going to win you the Olympia, but it's going to improve your sleep. Since taking this product, I've noticed deeper sleep and more alertness in the morning and that alone is a winner in my book. Great product. Check this one out, I recommend it.

zazhar's Rating

First night I definitely noticed more vivid dreams. I sleep very soundly where as I use to get up every night now I'm able to sleep a solid 8 hours before getting up big improvement .

aysha21's Rating

aysha21 did not leave a written review for this product.

natehos's Rating

Love this product. This is my second time buying it. I take 3 before bed every night and I find I have a better and deeper sleep taking it. Doesn't make me feel groggy or anything the next morning. Definitely recommend this product.

1-20 of 101 Reviews