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samirbenali's Rating

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Sunflowerhippi's Rating

No issues or leaks yet after using it for a bit over a month. Does it's job and blends the powder fine.

twilk2010's Rating

I got this shaker as a free item when i purchased a tub of real gains, and it has become my favorite one ive ever owned. Its sturdy, doesnt leak, and let be honest it looks pretty cool too. My favorite thing about it though is that it is wider around the top so I can actually fit my hand all the way in it to clean it out since I dont have a dishwasher! Great shaker, you wont be disappointed.

TheSteve39's Rating

Similarly to their Animal Shaker Cup this is also an excellent shaker cup of solid construction that does not leak from the lid or the spout. The cup will last through tons of washes (hand wash only) and will be with you for a long time as long as you don't drop a dumbbell or plate on it or run it over. This cup also allows for premium mixing of supplements.

Good cheap mixer for pre-workout and light mix proteins. For the thick stuff, another shaker would be required.

timmyfranz's Rating

Solid cheap bottle. Good seal. Good at mixing.

Alsuilim91's Rating

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thekhansforever's Rating

this shaker is awesome. It does what it's suppose to do and mixes it well.

Nice cup...no mixer ball to make noise, but it has an insert at the top that does an even better job at mixing protein shakes than cups with mixer balls. No leaks. Big cup too...fits up to 25oz. I plan on buying more whenever it wears out. Dishwasher safe!

Quite big, durable, the cap holds really good, looking great... But the main point for me: I don't have to crash my hands totally when I wash it. It can be a little more bigger and it would be perfect.

rkwayfinder's Rating

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itsdodgers01's Rating

Very Satisfied On This Product. Very Easy To Use & Clean! I'm A Very Happy Customer And If My Anything Goes Bad, I'll Just Buy Another One And I Love That It's Very Affordable Even Tho I'm On A Budget. Great Job And Keep Up The Good Work!

LoganCollier's Rating

The bottle itself its kind of slippery and smooth, but it looks sick and the lid is perfection, does everything you need it to do and stays clean so much easier than others for some reason.. Worth the money!

lowroller21212's Rating

Solid product, the flip top I have found is also the case for the animal shakers, a very very tight firm fit, got no fear of liquids spilling out driving harshley (such as through a rocky road) or walking around with. I've tested it by holding it from the flip top closed with all my bcaa inside filled to the half walking from my room to the guest room gym which is about 40 ft away, absolutely held firm, no funny wobbling or felt as though it'd burst open. Definitely have the utmost confidence nothing will spill, while some shakers are identical in design, the flip tops aint as firm as the Universal ones, you gotta hear the flip top snap or when you open it and put some strength behind it but no prob cus I know this stuff will not fail on me. This is my 4th Universal shaker and got a couple other Animal shakers too. Lastly the color and aesthetics are awesome. Just go get this one today you will not regret it.

One great cup! I've had many cups but none have matched up to this one. Stop wasting your hard earned money on cups and just get this awesome cup. Easy to clean and easy to use. So what are you waiting for? Put this in your cart and checkout.

TimeToMakeGains's Rating

good quality shaker been complimented many time already from random people at the gym

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mohammednaji's Rating

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This is my go to shaker. Because of that, I probably don't wash it as often as I should (haha) but I like it a lot. Its bright, nothing has faded on it, and does not leak.

1-20 of 42 Reviews