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walters09's Rating

I have been wanting to try animal test for a long time. I thought it was expensive and didn't want to waste money. After I thought long and hard about it I decided to research a bit more and found out that you need to tin's for (42Pak/42Day) cycle. So now I was really taking a big jump. $120.00 for a 42 cycle. I decided to take the risk and im so glad I did. I felt so good, improved mood, sleep, my workouts were so intense I felt so in control. I would have sweat dripping off of every part of my body and Im not a sweater at all! This stuff makes me sweat so bad but it felt good. It was an accomplishment every workout! I was sketchy about testosterone too even though its natural I thought my estrogen levels would rise and I would go through mood swings and feel completely out of control. I read test has a added anti-estrogen in the pak. Everything was perfect. I have 3 paks left Ive made solid gains and motivation to move to the next. After those 3 days I am going to move to Animal M-Stak for 21 days and then i will run cycle too following!!! Can't Wait@!

Jul 23, 2012 |