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fgonza01's Rating

the magic in this product as they describe the 'extremely hypertrophic' !archiodic acid!, the other things you read in here that are listed are complexly wrote but are simple ingredients, such as white mushrooms and joint support. They say this is a test explosion but they also tell you to buy animal stack (natty tes) for each can plus m stak to 'keep your kains'. how is this "the best thing legal" and i have to add a cheap 25% supplement from your company? thats almost $230 just for one complete cycle if you folloq the guidelines, huge ripoff as I could jump to a a real hormone cycle for a fraction of that price. If you really want the AA than buy x factor for 20 cheaper. They try their best to make animal test sound hardcore which even made me want to buy a cycle support. lol. Well this falls extremely short of anything hardcore. Boy was i suckered in and will be sending these back immeidatly. Huge letdown for a company thats been since '77. Dont let the pretty advertismenet lure you in because these universal products are a huge disapointment to the consumer and to giving the muscle building industry an already dissapointing reputation. This product would have gotten a five, AA is a great addition to any stack dont get me wrong. but not for 50$ as to theres competitors for about 20$. Reason 2 is they way they market this stuff off as insane strength and potency. Another lie. AA is essentially an omega oil and it puts a toll on your body just as you popped a regular omega 3. extreme. yeah right. give ma break. I'm not even sure how this stuff helped me as far as workouts nor am i eager to find out. this stuff is a flop and so is your company.

Oct 3, 2012 |