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Supports Testosterone Levels In Athletes Looking To Optimize Strength & Performance*

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DMcVean's Rating

Nice variety of ingredients. Try a free test booster before trying this one.. testotrials.com

melgazzar's Rating

I ordered two cans , i used till now about 15 packs. I take it as suggested 30-45 minutes before workout and before bed on non training days, but actually i suffered from this stuff, it make me yawning during the workout and feel lazy . I think it is better if i paid those 70$ for a protein or pre or intra workout. I am not satisfy at all .

TankDTJ's Rating

Great when stacked with other Animal products. I used this on and off for a month with Animal Pak. My bench went up from 245lbs - 260lbs, also 135lbs 1x15 - 1x21. My squat went from 315lbs 1x1 - 1x7. Nothing drastic, but considering my diet was very poor within that month, I made great strength gains. Gave me a " Buzz/Head rush " after taking it, almost as if pre-work out kicked in without the jittery hype. Overall great product, but the results were noticeable as I finished the servings. Pricey but good.

Zhenarkhalifa's Rating

I regret that i haven't taken this supplement earlier its a really great supplement i have noticed increased strength and appetite, and also increased libido, if you workout hard and eat right with this supplement you will definitely notice gains

alanreid14's Rating

i would reccomend this product. it helped me increase my strenght and put on lean muscle. its a product that has been available for many years and that says a lot about it. www.golfcoachtoronto.ca

Gemyers87's Rating

This did absolutely nothing for me, no extra drive, no test boost, sorry to say not a thing. I took as directed and had an open mind about what it would do. I didn't notice any change.

Elchin512's Rating

Elchin512 did not leave a written review for this product.

jacdq3's Rating

I am on my second bottle of Animal Stak. I allowed 4-5 weeks between the two as suggested by Universal Nutrition. Although I do not follow a strict diet, I do keep an eye on my protein intake and try to minimize carbs and sugars. I have taken Animal Stak together with my pre-workout (I like Cellucor C4) 30 minutes before my workout, and on rest days right before bed as suggested. What I liked about this product is that I have definitely felt a boost in strength and performance, I can get in longer and heavier workouts. And although my overall weight did not change much (maybe up 2 lbs), my body composition has definitely improved (muscle gains and muscle definition).

mobeta1768's Rating

Animal, the name says it all.

Joshmm95's Rating

I used the product as instructed, but I cannot say that I experienced any of the benefits that the product claimed. The ingredient profile is great and includes many studied and proven test-boosting ingredients, but the product did not work for me.

xxSavage308xx's Rating

Solid product. Saw noticeable increases in: Squats +50 lbs. Flat Bench +30 lbs. Preacher Curl +10 lbs. My only complaint is that I did not receive the full 21 packs in the canister. I was shorted 5. I may order again when it is time to cycle.

dS888's Rating

a solid product -- definately works my stomach doesnt feel very good having this empty stomach though i did just one can and definately saw gains and retained 90% of it so i ordered two cans more now :) but the 01st can was most effective

Cmreynolds's Rating

Highly recommend this product. I had very good results. My focus and drive was there and My performance output was off the charts. I put on about 5 pounds of lean muscle and my muscles seemed to recover very well. I staked this with animal paks and I got all the nutrients that I needed. Together they will get you the results you are looking for in a product.

nosferotica's Rating

Ok, so I'm gonna give this the best review I can, since I kind of goofed up the way you were supposed to stack it with test on training days (an hour prior to training, I was taking it 1/2 before 15 mins after test. You're supposed to take test 1/2 hour after stak before training) but I got the off-days correct (contrary to this page, the can says before bed. I took test in the AM with breakfast). I have been having a hard time breaking my 165 lb ceiling. I was taking this with test and I weighed myself recently and I gained about 10 lbs, 175. I have been stuck at 165 since forever, easily last year when I started training. I lost about 20 lbs doing insanity, then started p90x and gained it back, but my bodyfat stayed lower, 15 percent. I took Animal Mass, Universal RealGains, even the Arnold Iron Mass, I had a hell of a time gaining weight. This did it, though. And with M-Stak in my veins right now, I can't satiate my appetite. I've never been this hungry before.

ma2langron's Rating

Great product for building muscle and losing body fat. I have noticed I am able to preform my workout with ease now and very little soreness. I recommend this product.

Jhauck21's Rating

With stak I have had small, yet noticeable body fat loss as well as muscle gain. I have not noticed much change as far as strength goes.

iamFlopez's Rating

Loss of body fat, very noticeable muscular gains, and all new PRs set during a time when I was hitting the gym 6 out of 7 days. I would recommend this product.

1-20 of 464 Reviews