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Contains A High Performance Creatine And N.O. Formula*

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ChrisD1990's Rating

Highly disappointed in this product. I would much rather take a powder mix then these pills. I wanted to try this out, but would never recommend this to another. Lacks in providing sustained energy. I've gone back to taken a different pre-workout with this product. I can tell no effect difference during my workout when I take this vs when I dont. Waste.

MrRous's Rating

One of the most powerful pre workout supplemets out there!! It resurrects even the dead!! :D

Nikiveljan's Rating

Does animal pump have a new formula with beta alanine insted of citrulline malate?

jwilliamson0712's Rating

jwilliamson0712 did not leave a written review for this product.

umutluali's Rating

This is by far the worst pre workout supplemtlent I have ever used. I am not happy at all! It did not give me any boost what so ever and It did not help me the slightest ! Stay away. Not worth a single penny

rashedUSA's Rating

Thisbis one of the best product ever I have tried ever, make you enjoy in workout and full of power, and more

Mykevz858's Rating

This stuff works! After an hour of super-sets I feel like I can go another hour. I noticed a considerable change in strength using this pre-workout. Bench reps went from 185 to 225 within 3 week period. Highly recommended and Animal product supporter!

dida1984's Rating

dida1984 did not leave a written review for this product.

corngogger's Rating

I've tried alot of preworkout supps and many pump products but I have to say that Universal Animal Pump really delivers all that you want and need. I have never bought a Universal product that I didnt like. That's why I am loyal customer. All of their products deliver what they promise.

salim910's Rating

salim910 did not leave a written review for this product.

Shaq223's Rating

By far one of my favorite supplements, and is on my automatic reorder list. I get a really great pump. The energy is different than what you might get from some other pre's. Other pre's give me more of that really big burst of energy followed by the itchy feeling from the beta alanine (which I kinda like lol). I think you get more than an adequate amount of that kind of energy though not as much from the AP (and no itchy feeling) but I got tons more of that locked in and focused feeling than I've got from any other pre I've ever used. I personally like the feeling more. If you're on the fence between this or something like C4 or just want to try something new deff give this product a go.

chasekenner's Rating

chasekenner did not leave a written review for this product.

mks0031's Rating

This product is a below average pre workout in my opinion. I bought it on amazon about 3 weeks ago and have taken roughly 15 servings since then. This pre workout shreds my stomach, makes me feel light headed, and gives off a terrible crash after use. I'd like to note that this is not the first pre workout I've taken. I'd say this is probably between my 10th & 12th purchase of a pre workout. So this isn't a result of my body adjusting to caffeine or anything. Also its a little bit too expensive. I had trouble taking the 9 pills in a packet that was provided too. On the plus side I got probably the greatest pump of my life on this pre workout.

kaaareeem's Rating

The maximum pumps and show the veins (Animal Pump)

jsnbrd's Rating

jsnbrd did not leave a written review for this product.

SwarthyIbro's Rating

one of the best pre-work out products and the capsules organization provide easy way of taking.

dwwhitehead's Rating

I have been using Animal Pump w/ Animal Stak for about 6 weeks, and I'm very satisfied with the result. My bench press has increased significantly(25-30 lbs,) and I have noticed more muscular endurance, as well. One thing I like about a pre-workout in pill form, is the ability to remove certain aspects of the package(ie: stimulants.) This is great for people who need to get some sleep at night. Other notes I would reccomend taking a small dosage of monohydrate creatine when using the PUMP during your work out.

Durfey06's Rating

Durfey06 did not leave a written review for this product.

acjock38's Rating

Never felt any energy

hrahim11's Rating

I haven't given any reviews on any other products that I have ordered on bodybuilding.com until I tried Animal Pump. This product is worth letting people know about. I've ordered a lot of pre-workouts and have been disappointed by all of them. Many of them make you jittery, keeps you up for hours or simply doesn't give you the right amount of kick. I took the pack the first day and had it on a pretty full stomach. Didn't do much. But as directed, the next day I took it 30 min before my workout on an empty stomach. I was motivated, happy and ready to kill my workout. Lasted for a good hour, and still allowed me to knock out some extra reps. As far as the results, it's too early to tell but I would highly recommend for anyone looking to get the "good kind" of creatine your body needs as well as a kick ***, euphoric like experience when it's gym time.

1-20 of 444 Reviews