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samlg07's Rating

samlg07 did not leave a written review for this product.

kevinandersen12's Rating

I use this as my multivitamin as well as to help with joint aches and pains. I drink a lot of water and there are not a lot of wasted nutrients in this formula. This line is great to stack with the other animal products and I look forward to continue using them. Easy to take with lunch. Each serving comes with 6 pills and I throw my fish oil in with them as well

IamFakeJesus's Rating

I stacked this with Animal Pak for a while. Switched my multi but stuck with Flex. When I started going to gym I had sore knees and feet every morning. I def feel Flex has helped as I moved to a healthier living. The pain has gone away. Some of that could be due to change in life. But I will say I have stopped for a week or 2 and noticed some soreness. Will def continue.

phillyturbosix's Rating

I'm 47 and my knees are SHOT! I drink a small container of Joint Juice in the morning with my supps and I take FLEX at noon with lunch. I have almost no pain when I take this pack daily steady. Typically winter time is the worst on the knees but this gets me through. I do legs once a week with squats and this helps big time! I taken many supps for joint pain but so far so good here!

corritaylor82's Rating

No complaints. After every single workout, whether cardio or weight training, since I have been taking this I no longer have joint pain and I workout 5 days a week! I recommend this to EVERYONE. I'm 235lbs and trust me, when you are losing weight, your joints take a beating. I wish I would have known about this product years ago when I was 375lbs. Stopping because of joint pain is no fun... Starting just to get back that joint pain is no fun... This product has brought the fun back in to my workouts!

lovri1jw's Rating

Had a type 3 AC joint separation and the orthopedic recommended some supplements to help with healing. Almost all of these supps were included in Animal Flex and was cheaper that buying individually. So far, I believe this is helping get to a speedy recovery.

speranzif50's Rating

Been having issues with my wrist during workout. Noticed a difference the first week. Second week my body feels like it's well oiled and lubed my knees back feel like I'm 20 again. Well done

deepakrohila786's Rating

deepakrohila786 did not leave a written review for this product.

TyrannicThor's Rating

TyrannicThor did not leave a written review for this product.

trojan59's Rating

I can really tell these supplements have helped my knees and shoulders (the joints I have the most issues with). I have noticed while doing heavy squats my knees do not have the pressure they use to and on shoulder day I do not feel pain (except for the burning of the muscle). My right knee use to throb and ache but since taking this I have not had this issue. I would recommend this to anyone with joint issues.

Johnnyg7250's Rating

I needed something to help me through the aches and pains from running and weightlifting. I was told to take a supplement with glucosamine. I search and came across Animal Flex. I've used Animal Paks before so I knew i couldnt go wrong with Animal Flex. I've tried it for a week now and can totally tell the difference in my body after my runs and workouts. My joints aren't aching like they used to be. My knees aren't giving me any pain after my runs. I still have the good sore you get after a hard work out but nothing compared to what it use to be. I definitely recommend animal flex!!!

Deucefire7's Rating

When you have been lifting the iron for a while, you need something to grease the joints. What a GREAT product! This keeps my joints working well and keeps me in the gym PAIN-FREE! A must for regular gym goers who do all the major lifts and definitely use it if you do Olympic lifting as well.

rcromar's Rating

I've taken this supp every day for a couple years now. Best I've ever had.

Anaxarsius's Rating

Anaxarsius did not leave a written review for this product.

bri04sno's Rating

I've been using animal flex for at least 3 years now. It's the best overall joint supplement I've used. In the past my body would because immune to joint products over extended time of use and no longer work. I have not had that at all with flex. It's a great product and I recommend it to anyone that brings up join issues. i would say that anyone one looking for joint pain relief will definately be satisfied with this product, even althletes with heavy training regimens.

Katsourides's Rating

Katsourides did not leave a written review for this product.

MaryaCMV's Rating

MaryaCMV did not leave a written review for this product.

hellerwater's Rating

Best by far. Only have one other fav for joint care, but this is my top fav!

dumbit's Rating

dumbit did not leave a written review for this product.

800David's Rating

What is each pill? i saw that are 2 caps are the same and 4 tabs the same story can i just take 4?can i take 1small pill,1big pill,1 orange pill and 1 softgel?

1-20 of 499 Reviews