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Supports A Healthy Appetite Level & Curbs Urges For The Dieting Bodybuilder*

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rishitshetty's Rating

Can anyone help me if i am at 20% BF can this will help to reduce fat % . Have used lipo6 no use .i am on good diet not able to loose lower belly .

bunyy's Rating

If you workout hard and doing cardio regularly then its perfect of you , I can seen my veins coming up through my skin going to buy this again n again

cesar26's Rating

Awful, no results what so ever. Basically drank pills for fun.

johnnywalker122's Rating

It works, been taking it 2 weeks now. I'm never hungry, I eat healthy and still have a lot of energy for strenuous workouts. I've lost about 6 pounds, I do a lot of cardio, and most weight lost is fat and water. You must drink a lot of water with this product. I most definitely would recommend this product.

M29H8D87's Rating

It is the worst fat burner ever used, i used it for two weeks till now continues and all i got losing only 2 kilograms.

brianrobillard's Rating

love to use it to dry out for a show

tlewis0421's Rating

Didn't notice any difference after taking for the full 3 weeks. Won't be purchasing this product again.

jbgibbs's Rating

I've been using for one week. Pro: I have plenty of energy. Con: My appetite is suppressed during the day, but in the evening I'm starving and have a hard time not overeating. The pills give me acid reflux although I take with them with food. I have not lost any weight this week. I will finish what I have, but will likely not purchase this or any other animal brand supplement again.

Jordanbooty's Rating

I find it brilliant, it's only been a couple of days and I'm already seeing great results, definitely recommend 10/10

ballbags1's Rating

Great all-around fat-burner. Worked quickly and effectively.

RadioWolfer's Rating

Feedback after 1 week : Very good suppl. Good thermogenic effect One week i have lost 3kgs Good diuretic effect In conclusion : I recommend it to anyone being a serious minimum for training.

Webzy1's Rating

Almost finished my 2nd week and this stuff is the real deal. Energy, clarity, and the ability to customize your dosages (I remove the thermogenic from my second dose if I am training due to my stim pre-workout). It isn't sold where I am (South Korea) so I made an account on BB just to order another can. Totally worth it. I'm looking forward to my next cycle after finishing this one. Train well, eat right, and you won't be disappointed!!

Yare05x's Rating

I am a female, 19. I love this product. I highly recommend it. It has helped me shed a good amount of fat while gaining muscle.

Jemy615's Rating

best fatburner ever

xxxpownst4rxxx's Rating

Has helped me drop 15 pounds of fat, this and beast creature are the only two products I swear by. Best pack on the market from my experience.

ygom's Rating

I have used this product before and it work. Not miracle, you still need to train and eat right.

corritaylor82's Rating

This product so far is the best I have taken. My fat burn has increased and my body is not harboring water like I use to (I know longer feel like a bloated camel). The only downfall to this is the amount of pills I am taking at a time.

lovri1jw's Rating

Great natural supplements! Helps a ton with weight loss while preserving strength. I only take one a day either in the morning or a couple hours before my lift.

jayare1798's Rating

Very Fast shipping! And one of the best in my opinion just gets annoying taking the pills haha but definitely will buy agian

naderalain's Rating

naderalain did not leave a written review for this product.

1-20 of 867 Reviews