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Warriorbeej's Rating

Warriorbeej did not leave a written review for this product.

Kulutues's Rating

There's no doubting that, if you don't mind an increased sugar content (which many people using a calorie replacement supplement wouldn't) then MuscleJuice2544 is one of the best supps on the market. Part of the reason this shake can be downed so easily is it is sweetened with crystalline fructose, the same stuff in high end hydration beverages.

Joshboyd68's Rating

This stuff is amazing . Yes it is sweet but from what you gain is totally worth it. Personally having a picky stomach having troubles with even certain protein shakes I've drank 2 10lb tubs and never a problem !! Definitely worth a try !

dj_square-'s Rating

Way too much sugar, was gross downing it. Mixes pretty well, but goes down like sugar and water. I wouldn't purchase this again, even for the good price.

uesports135's Rating

I've used this on two different occasions separated by over a year. I have never owned a scale so I was unable to check my weight daily but after two months of taking I put on at least 15 lbs both times. Not only that but it is by far the best tasting protein I have ever had

Fosbrett's Rating

Tried this product with absolutely astonishing results! Gained over 10 pounds of solid muscle over the course of taking this product, just make sure you are taking this stuff religiously and follow the instructions. The taste was almost unbelievable, so good compared to other products.

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JamarW's Rating

Used this product since high school now I'm a college grad. I've tried other products but I've always came back to this one. Freshman year of college I was 160 lbs. While taking this product and some serious lifting I put on over 45 lbs of solid muscle in about 5 months.

Volodya911's Rating

Volodya911 did not leave a written review for this product.

FructoseFTW's Rating

Muscle Juice 2544 Chocolate and Vanilla are the creme of the crop, perfect for baking and the 162 grams of carbs apparently allows for ideal mixabilty (vs competitors who mistakingly add 200g+) They should hand out samples of this at Olympia 2013, a must try!

Creatineakg's Rating

Still the best gainer & protein powder on the market! Fructose FTW! Thanks Ultimate Nutrition & Bodybuilding.com!

avevapur's Rating

avevapur did not leave a written review for this product.

dp604345's Rating

How can a company justify the massive price jump? Not even 2 years ago 10lbs was only 28.99, now its 45... really?

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joecook187 did not leave a written review for this product.

M.Sendon's Rating

M.Sendon did not leave a written review for this product.

Geffyboi1's Rating

The cookies & cream taste great! I wake up looking forward to taking this shake. Gained about 3 pounds so far on this.

lanky1989's Rating

This is the best gainer I've taken so far. I have taken 3 tubs of this product(not continuously) and gained 6-8kg with each of them. It' cheap also though it's very sweet but that's alrite. .we are here for the gains and not for the taste.

thetitan10000's Rating

For the past 3 years,I have been using this supplement. All I have got is huge volume. I take 1 servings of it 90mins before my morning workouts, 1 servings 25 mins after my morning workouts, 1 servings 90mins before my evening workouts,1 serving 25 mins after my evening workouts and 1 serving 30mins before going to sleep at night. For those who complain of too much sweetness, do add your shake to boiled white rice.

lmaoking's Rating

I really like the taste but it doesn't really help much. I was going to re order because of the good taste n true price now triple. I'm not buying this anymore, not worth it.

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the product itself is really good. taste-wise, I feel it's too sweet for me. works well when fruits are added with strawberry : pineapples are the best with banana : strawberries and pomegranates

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